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Serj Tankian Live DVD clip

System of a Down singer Serj Tankian went solo when the band decided to take a break, which in my view, the break did none of SOAD members any real favours. “Scars on Broadway” was the child of Daron Malakian with John Dolmayan and their self-titled debut album, was certainly nothing to rave about.

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Ra - From One

Music monday recommendations. 28th September

Yesterday we published our first Music Monday, well, our first since having our account wiped clean so we decided to start from scratch. As always part of our Music Monday is to bring you a lot of music on those days and we started out with ten bands that you might want to check out.

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Velvet Revolver could be back with straight up rock

After Scott Weiland left the band, it was a case of, do the members find someone to take his place or call it a day and move on. Slash has said the band would go on but nothing has been heard since Slash made that statement when the band took their break.

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Watch the new Babylon Bombs video

Swedish rockers Babylon Bombs have released their new video from their upcoming album “Babylon’s Burning” The album is expected October 23rd and you can check out the video here.

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Watch the new Within Temptation video

Symphonic rock band are back with a new music video for “Utopia” The song will feature on the upcoming album “An Acoustic Night at the Theatre”

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Listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s New album

If you don’t have the funds right now, AOL have been kind enough to allow you to hear the full new album –

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Bayside - The Walking Wounded (Gold Edition) - Carry On

Music Monday ‘Carry On’ Playlist. 28th September

Yesterday we published a Music Monday Playlist on Twitter and today we have it here on the website! Discovered a group of tracks within my iTunes all titled “Carry On” but I could only find audio/video streams for 6.

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