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Mike Alexander memorial site

Last night our contributor JJPorter posted a link on his Twitter account to the Mike Alexander memorial website. Mike Alexander was the bassist for English

Interview: Evile at Gibson Guitar Studio, 23rd June 2011

Evile. Hang on a second…isn’t it supposed to be without an ‘E’ on the end? Actually, if we’re getting pedantic, the legend has it Yorkshire’s noisiest quartet were originally to be called ‘Exile’…the trouble was, that name was taken by the thousands. So, switch the ‘X’ for a ‘V’, and presto! ‘Evile’ was born. But […]

Video Of Evile Guitarist’s Charity Bungee Jump Available

Ol Drake, lead guitarist for British thrashers Evile, recently bungee jumped next to London’s Tower Bridge along with Metal Hammer editor Alexander Milas, raising £2000 for charity. Ol Drake was dressed as a cowboy for the event, jumping in memory of late Evile bassist Mike Alexander and in aid of the British Lung Foundation.  Alexander […]

Evile guitarist and Metal Hammer editor to bungee jump for charity in London

Ol Drake, lead guitarist for British thrashers Evile, is preparing to bungee jump next to London’s famous Tower Bridge this Saturday, 25th September along with Metal Hammer editor Alexander Milas. Ol Drake and Alexander Milas will be jumping from Pottersfield Park, next to Tower Bridge, at 10:30am on Saturday whilst dressed as cowboys.  Fans are […]

Evile working on new studio album

British thrashers Evile have revealed that they are currently hard at work writing for a brand new studio album. Evile, who recently won a coveted Metal Hammer Golden Gods award, are writing the follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2009 album, Infected Nations.  The band announced that they will once again be working with producer Russ […]

12 bands announced for Sonisphere UK

Sonisphere have announced 12 new bands which add to their current bill. The 12 new acts as announced this morning

Evile – Cathouse, Glasgow – January 17th 2010

Evile (supported by Warbringer and The Fading), Cathouse, Glasgow, 17.1.10. It’s almost impossible to believe that this is the first tour The Fading have ever embarked on, and on the evidence of tonight’s showing it is certain to be the first of many. The Israeli band’s infectious brand of in-your-face thrash and pseudo-deathcore breakdowns shook […]