Scottish based EspyRock was opened in September 2009 by Michael as a way to help people discover new music.

For years Michael spent time searching and discovering new talented Rock/Metal bands and adding them to his ever growing music collection. During this time he had an idea to build a website dedicated to introducing individuals to new music, either through news content, music streams or just the mention of their name.

The process started off through Twitter under the name iDiscovered, as a way of stating “I discovered this band”. Each week he would post regular news, recommendations and playlists.

Combining a love for discovering new music with Norwegian Twitter user, TheMusicMan81, the two men set out ideas to take an easy ‘work as you please’ Twitter based process to something bigger. The general response from followers on both accounts knew that it would be a worth putting in the effort to try make something of a successful Twitter venture.

Since the day we opened we have met many people who share our love for music and have joined us for the ride as we constantly grow month by month.

Starting out as a two man team, we now have grown with more male and female contributors from Scotland, England, Norway and America as we look to bring you as much content as possible.

What is EspyRock?

EspyRock is a brand new website built off a love for rock music, for discovering new bands/artists, and through this, we want to help you discover also.

We want to keep you up-to-date with the well known names in rock but at the same time, introduce you to new music, no matter how big or small the band is, they all deserve a chance to be heard.

The process started off through Twitter, using the name iDiscovered, which throughout each week we would post the latest news, band recommendations and playlists.

We wanted to grow this into something bigger, and with the general response from followers we decided to open our website and offer so much more.

EspyRock aims to grow into your daily source of rock music, with constant visitors (new and returning) each and every day through little to no promotion, we have already started to make our mark and we will grow with your help.

What will EspyRock offer to me?

Each and every day we will be bring you the latest news within the rock and metal genres.

We will be publishing regular song, band and album recommendations that we discover or have already discovered to allow you to experience new music.

This process comes as part of our regularly featured Music Monday content that we publish each and every week.

The Music Monday content follows off a trend on Twitter, that each Monday, individuals spend more time that day than others, informing people of who they are listening to, who they have discovered and more. As we followed this trend by posting regular playlists and recommendations to our Twitter account, we decided to keep it going and is now a regular feature on EspyRock – http://espyrock.com/category/features/musicmonday/

We will be bringing you exclusive interviews when the opportunity arises to us to question your favourite artists over their current album or tour.

Regular concert and album reviews from our contributors based on what we receive from bands and labels.

There will also be open competitions for you to win some free prizes right from our hands. Our competitions vary in the location that they offered. EspyRock run giveaways will always be worldwide though we do run giveaways with partners, in which the agreement may be stricter to only one country (so far our partner run giveaways have been in the US). To see what we are giving away right now, click on the following link – http://espyrock.com/category/competitions/

What can EspyRock offer bands?

Currently we offer bands the opportunity to advertise on EspyRock by placing a small advertisement on our site. At this moment our advertising is offline as we work out a price structure for the advertisements.

We also run a series of band features from general biographies to full features including secure music streams, downloads and more.

For more information on our features, please go to the following link – http://espyrock.com/services/features/

Can I do anything for EspyRock?

You can indeed.

We are looking to build a team of individuals who have a passion for music and want to showcase it by updating users with news content, helping to discover new music, writing reviews and more.

Although we are unable to pay for your contribution, we offer some extras to try make it seem worth your while.

For more information, please go to the following link – http://espyrock.com/about/staff/work-for-espyrock/