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Interview: Erik Rutan of Hate Eternal

Few people in death metal can claim as much glory as Erik Rutan. Not only has he been a member of legends Morbid Angel, he has also produced some legendary death metal records and fronts his own band, Hate Eternal. They have a new record titled ‘Phoenix Amongst The Ashes’ out now, and we caught […]

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Review: Whitechapel and The Acacia Strain (Islington Academy, London)

Review the recent Welcome To Hell UK tour featuring Whitechapel and The Acacia Strain.

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Interview: Amon Amarth ‘almost split up’

In recent years Amon Amarth have found themselves, to put it very mildly, on something of an upswing. Their stock has risen to stellar heights on the back of three strong albums in the last five years, culminating with their latest effort, ‘Surtur Rising’. We caught up with guitarist Olavi Mikkonen backstage at their London gig […]

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While She Sleeps announce dates with Asking Alexandria

While She Sleeps have announced more dates across Europe, this time with Asking Alexandria and Of Mice and Men

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Gallery: Lazarus A.D., Islington Academy, London

View the gallery below of the recent Lazarus A.D., Bonded By Blood, Abbaden and Kill The Machine Concert at the Islington Academy, London.

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Album review: Amon Amarth – Surtur Rising

Amon Amarth are a band that’s steadily found themselves over the years, settling on a groovy, big-riff version of Viking death metal. Sure, the all too accessible ‘Twilight Of The Thunder God’ might have put some fans off, but there’s no denying the songs on it were catchy as hell. No points for guessing what […]

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Lazarus AD: We want to write riffs that force you to headbang

Sometimes you just know. Never mind the fact that this band has only been on the continent for a grand total of 2 days, they’re only playing their first European show, and, in a few days time, they will have $1500 in cash stolen from their van while in Southampton. Speaking to Lazarus AD at […]

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