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Brotherhood Of The Lake

Album Review: Brotherhood Of The Lake – Desperation Is The English Way Vol. 1

There’s nothing to mention here about their humble beginnings or small victories, because it was an eventuality that Brotherhood Of The Lake would smash their way into being heard. With ‘Desperation Is The English Way Vol. 1’, they don’t even need to step up the sound, because it’s going to push a few off the […]

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Job for a Cowboy

Album Review: Job for a Cowboy – Demonocracy

Somewhere between albums and EPs, these Arizonians shifted gears into becoming a death metal band. I have to admit I missed the transformation from deathcore and grindcore to fully fledged death metal. Even worse, I had gotten into them with their debut deathcore EP ‘Doom’. That style was what I had associated with Job For […]

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Album Review: OSI – Fire Make Thunder

Something about concept albums make them seem very hit or miss. And while OSI’s latest isn’t really a concept album, every song they write is tied in with the American government agency (Office of Strategic Influence, for the uninitiated) they take their name from. On the opening track ‘Cold Call’, you can hear all that, […]

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EP Review: Pelican – Ataraxia/Taraxis

It’s probably not easy to write and record songs when all your band’s members have moved to different locations. But Pelican do find their way around geographical inconveniences, just like all good bands should. On their first offering in three years – since 2009’s What We All Come To Need – the Chicago quartet bring […]

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