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EP Review: Run, WALK! – PEEKAY

A review of Run,WALK!’s latest EP, “PEEKAY”

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Album Review: Hail of Bullets – On Divine Winds

Although the New Year has passed and, Hail of Bullets is probably in the process of writing their next album; the band’s October 2010 “On Divine Winds” is definitely something worth bringing up and reviewing for EspyRock.  “On Divine Winds” is the band’s third studio album since their inception in 2006 and by far the […]

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The Showdown

Interview: Josh Childress of The Showdown

On the 24th August, The Showdown released their fifth studio effort, ‘Blood in the Gears,’ to only have amazing reviews from critics. Old fans have fell in love with the bands new music and they’ve gained the attention of many new fans as well. I was recently given the chance to submit some questions to […]

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Album Review: The Absence – Enemy Unbound

Since hearing The Absence for the first time in 2008 I have continued to listen on to their music but until now I’ve never found anything about them that stuck with me. Their new record ‘Enemy Unbound’, which is to be released 14th September, is eleven tracks of epic thrash metal that almost new listeners […]

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Victory In Numbers

Album Review: Victory in Numbers – Killing. Mourning. Love

Often times good can come out of tragedy. In 2004 the band known to Philadelphia as, Blue Collar took a hit when their lead vocalist, Vincent Green died in a car accident. The band however decided to press forward with a new member (Bruce Wiegner, guitar) and a new name honouring their fallen friend.  Victory […]

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Interview: Nick Passio of Victory in Numbers

After hearing the single, ‘The King is Dead’ I became very interested in a band that was from my home city, Victory in Numbers.  After dealing with tragedy in the loss of their lead vocalist and dear friend Vincent Green, the band moved around the roster, gained a new guitarist and made a name to […]

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10 Years

Album Review: 10 Years- Feeding the Wolves

I have followed 10 years for about two years ever since I saw them open for Shinedown in Philadelphia, PA. I was immediately impressed and could not stop listening to their songs (in particular ‘Drug of Choice’ and ‘Russian Roulette’).  However after a couple of months the band was put on the back burner of […]

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