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Storm Corrosion

Album Review: Storm Corrosion – Storm Corrosion

Every long-haired geek rocker’s dream has come true – Porcupine Tree and Opeth have joined forces! Well, kind of. ‘Storm Corrosion’ is a one-off album project consisting of six tracks created by Porcupine Tree frontman Steven Wilson and Opeth frontman Mikael Ã…kerfeldt. They have stated that the chances of touring the project are minimal and […]

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Marilyn Manson

Album Review: Marilyn Manson – Born Villain

We could probably argue for a while over where it all went wrong for Marilyn Manson. Maybe it was the world’s fault for not finding him shocking anymore; or maybe it was because he stopped utilising massively awesome riffs (Manson himself should listen to ‘Holy Wood’ sometime) and replaced them with weak sounding synths. Either […]

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High On Fire

Album Review: High On Fire – De Vermis Mysteriis

I feel sorry for those who like their rock music handed to them. The mainstream stuff that our genre has to offer lately hasn’t been up to scratch. Hell, mainstream across the board is experiencing a lull right now. But if you’re like me and enjoy digging deep for your rock, you’ll know that right […]

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Album Review: Skyharbor – Blinding White Noise: Illusion and Chaos

A year ago, djent seemed like it would be the rock world’s answer to dubstep. A generally new genre ready to sweep through and change the landscape of modern heavy music. With a few exceptions, most noteably Periphery and Animals As Leaders, this didn’t happen. Skyharbor, India’s latest export, are ready to be thrown into […]

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Album Review: Dragonforce – The Power Within

A few years ago, all was well with Dragonforce. ‘Through The Fire and Flames’ in particular caused people to sit up and pay attention to this ridiculously OTT band who sound like a Sonic the Hedgehog special stage on speed. An appearance in the Guitar Hero franchise inspired people the world over to put their […]

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Album Review: Shinedown – Amaryllis

It’s a good time for old school rock music. Halestorm recently released their excellent second album, while Cherri Bomb have the genre covered for the next generation. But it wasn’t Halestorm that headlined that tour through the UK recently – it was Shinedown. ‘The Sound of Madness’ struck a chord with heavy music fans all […]

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Cancer Bats

Album Review: Cancer Bats – Dead Set on Living

“There’s a special place in hell for motherfuckers like you.” Four albums into their career, Cancer Bats aren’t about to start pulling punches. Their punk attitude mixed with trademark metal riffage is in full swing throughout ‘Dead Set on Living.’ Lead singer Liam Cormier has stated his intention to create a more upbeat record than […]

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