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Album Review: Biohazard – Reborn In Defiance

Those of you in the know will already realise how Biohazard used to be pretty damn incredible and massive. One of the main runners is the hardcore/metal scene and then things didn’t go quite so well for a bit. However, 2012 release ‘Reborn In Defiance’ is an absolute beast. ‘9:IIIX6.941’ kicks everything off, with a […]

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Single Review: Europe – Not Supposed To Sing The Blues

I am all for band’s of yesteryear bringing out new records and touring, there are a fair few nowadays that are still kicking about and it is great… if they are doing themselves justice. I am not sure if Europe’s latest track is supporting the talent that they possess. A straightforward riff brings ‘Not Supposed […]

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Marilyn Manson

Single Review: Marilyn Manson – No Reflection

The man that many once considered the “God Of Fuck” returns with a pop-rock vibe song, yeah, we all saw that coming considering his somewhat public fall from grace in the past few years. It is reminiscent of ‘Heart Shaped Glasses’, but with a lot more pace. The guitar intro sounds pretty cool, but then […]

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Lamb Of God

Album Review: Lamb Of God – Resolution

Now I consider myself to be an avid Lamb of God fan, even to the point of fangirl-esque worship, however this may have just changed. The seventh studio release from our favourite Richmond metal men has pleased many people, however upon listening to ‘Resolution’ I was struck dumb. Every previous Lamb Of God release has […]

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Album Review: Opeth Heritage

Is there no end to the creative genius behind Opeth? The answer is no. There isn’t. And we should all be very fucking thankful for that. ‘Heritage’ is yet another musical leap for the band that refuses to be pigeon-holed into genre’s. The title track gives a sense of what is yet to come with […]

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White Wizzard

Album Review: White Wizzard – Flying Tigers

White Wizzard are bringing the style of NWOBHM into the modern age, kicking and screaming with their newest offering “Flying Tigers”. ‘Fight To The Death’ displays Wyatt Anderson’s vocal styling perfectly, allowing him to build upon the existing melody. When it comes to the guitar solo on this track there seems to be something missing, […]

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Album Review: Evile – Five Serpent's Teeth

By now, if you are reading this, you know all about Evile and what they have been through. So we will simply get straight to business. “Five Serpent’s Teeth” is the third full length offering from the Yorkshire metal men. From the offset, a more mature and improved Evile is present.

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