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Album Review: Nile – At The Gate Of Sethu

Seven albums in and nearly fifteen years since their debut full-length release, American death metallers Nile continue their successful mission to establish themselves as an unconquerable institution within their genre. Five years since their first trough, and a shallow one at that in Ithyphallic, after a career of peaks, the Egyptological four-piece present At The […]

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7 Horns 7 Eyes

Album Review: 7 Horns 7 Eyes – Throes Of Absolution

Following on from a taster single last year, Washington state’s Seven Horns, Seven Eyes release their full-length debut, ‘Throes of Absolution,’ a refreshingly soulful record in largely robotic and inanimate field. Despite a lofty, almost haughty, press pack from Century Media that stresses the Seattleites’ aversion to trends and genre pigeonholing, the obvious references to […]

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Album Review: Inverloch – Dusk…Subside

You might have to have been living on the north pole of Mars not to have heard that Relapse are putting out the debut EP from antipodean doom/death unit Inverloch, such has been the level of hype and bluster surrounding this release. Inverloch is the brainchild of two guitarists from underground legends Disembowelment, whose ‘Transcendence […]

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Album Review: Huata – Atavist Of Mann

Contributing to a French heavy music scene that has burgeoned in the last decade, Breton occultists Huata offer a full hour of drug-induced, ouija board-directed sludge and doom on their début full-length, Atavist of Mann. ‘Lord of the Flames’ stumbles through the opium den door resembling a doped-out Goatsnake, before melting in to a bean […]

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The Wretched End

Album Review: The Wretched End – Inroads

The abdication of the throne in 2001 by Norwegian black metallers Emperor left a gaping hole within the realm of extreme metal. The trio went their separate ways, and after three successful records in five years with Zyklon, guitarist Samoth moved briefly on to Casey Chaos’ underwhelming Scum project before collaborating with fellow Scum member […]

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Album Review: Megadeth – Th1rt3en

Entering their twenty-eighth year of hard graft, Dave Mustaine leads his Megadeth charges once more unto the breach to cry God for all thrash metal with Thirteen. Bassist David Ellefson is back amongst the cavalry after a decade-long absence for their ‘imaginatively’-titled thirteenth full-length release, and the result is one of the most impressive Megadeth […]

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Damnation Festival 2011

Damnation 2011 Review

An elegant opening to Damnation’s 2011 instalment is provided by A Forest of Stars, who squeeze on to the Zero Tolerance stage decked out in full waistcoats and shirts, for half an hour of black metal that is completely at odds with their impeccable appearance. A rambling introduction seems to misfire, but from there onwards […]

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