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Album Review: Throne of Katarsis – Ved Graven

Armed to the teeth with spiked gauntlets, firebrands and an unhealthy daubing of corpse-paint, Throne of Katarsis are as staunchly and unashamedly black metal as a band is ever likely to be. Pulling absolutely zero punches, Ved Graven is a primal ritual that reaches deep in to your chest and drags out a pestilence-ridden, maggot-infested […]

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Beyond Creation

Album Review: Beyond Creation – The Aura

With any half-decent record, a strong opening track colours your perception of the rest of the album; think of how well ‘Angel of Death’ sets up ‘Reign in Blood’. So when Beyond Creation’s ‘The Aura’ opens with the muddled ‘No Request for the Corrupted’, it seems that it will be a long fifty minutes. Their […]

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Album Review: Rwake – Rest

Returning five years after the much-lauded ‘Voice of Omens’, Arkansas’ doom/sludge merchants Rwake present ‘Rest’, a record that expands on every aspect and concept of its predecessor with remarkable results. Rwake’s movement further away from their sludge core can be traced through each song on Rest, and first-time listeners expecting an Eyehategod/Iron Monkey-esque emotional meltdown […]

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Album Review: Mastodon – The Hunter

After putting their signature to Roadrunner’s legal papers, abandoning Paul Romano’s trademark artwork and almost completely jettisoning any song longer than five minutes, some naysayers declared that the sirens had finally tempted Mastodon towards the rocky shores of commercialism and mediocrity. One listen of ‘The Hunter’ will rightly show up the naivety, short-sightedness and utter […]

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Album Review: Bahimiron Rebel Hymns of Left Handed Terror

From the freezing and frost-bitten kingdom of… Texas… come Bahimiron, who, with song titles such as ‘Goathorned Messiah of the Seven Gates’ and ‘Bestial Raids of Antichrist Darkness’, are unashamedly and unmistakably a no-frills satanic black metal act. At close to ten years of raising merry hell in this particular department, Bahimiron have distilled their […]

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Album Review: Thrall – Vermin To The Earth

Clinically proven by independent scientists to fight against infection and disease, a 45-minute dose of antipodean black metal in the form of Thrall’s ‘Vermin to the Earth’ is just the tonic to blast even the hardiest hangover from the insides of your skull. After their 2010 debut, ‘Away From the Haunts of Men’, was widely […]

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Gig Review: TesseracT, Manchester, 11th September 2011

Post-metal, progressive metal or djent? Whatever the label, the Lowering the Tone tour brings together a trio of bands that, while not yet the finished articles, are well-versed in spinning their Meshuggah-worship in to one of the most creative areas of 21st century metal. Opening the evening are French quintet Uneven Structure, whose plethora of […]

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