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Album Review: Nile – At The Gate Of Sethu

Seven albums in and nearly fifteen years since their debut full-length release, American death metallers Nile continue their successful mission to establish themselves as an unconquerable institution within their genre. Five years since their first trough, and a shallow one at that in Ithyphallic, after a career of peaks, the Egyptological four-piece present At The […]

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Album Review: Gojira – L’Enfant Sauvage

It’s hard to judge the scale of support Gojira have in 2012. Opening for metal giants Metallica and critically acclaimed albums are the norm for the French act, but their technical sludge metal is geared more towards fans of Meshuggah than any thrash metal titan. The acclaim will just keep coming with fifth album ‘L’Enfant […]

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Album Review: Architects – Daybreaker

For a relatively new band on the scene, Architects have had an already interesting journey. Their first two albums, without current vocalist Sam Carter, seem to be completely ignored in their live sets, choosing to start their career with 2009’s incredible ‘Hollow Crown’ album. After that storming release, much of the tecnicality that made Architects […]

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Album Review: Delain – We Are The Others

Look at the greatest albums in history. Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ for example. It is regarded as such because of the way it is structured; it might not have been so great had ‘Brain Damage’ opened the album. Likewise with Radiohead’s ‘Kid A’ – what sense would there be in starting things […]

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Slam Dunk Festival

Gig Review: Slam Dunk South

The Slam Dunk Festival has expanded only recently, but it’s making all the right moves when it comes to getting artists on board. This year’s line-up at the South edition at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield was packed in terms of audiences and bands playing across seven stages. I Divide were probably the first […]

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Album Review: Slash – Apocalyptic Love

If anyone’s keeping score on who the most credible and respected former Guns N’ Roses member is, it surely has to be Slash? While Axl descends further and further into madness with his appetite for destruction, Slash continues to make it look so easy. His self-titled debut album saw the top-hatted virtuoso call up some […]

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Album Review: Philm – Harmonic

Undoubtedly the main reason anyone is going to check out Philm is because Dave Lombardo of Slayer fame is behind the kit. There’s nothing wrong with that, per se, but the reason Lombardo has sought out another creative channel isn’t due to boredom in the Slayer camp. Those hoping for 60 minutes of Raining Blood-type […]

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