Win a copy of Slash’s debut album with the fan pack

EspyRock is giving away a free special edition of Slash’s debut album ‘Slash’ along with the special limited edition fan pack.

Slash is one of the most iconic musicians of all time. His song writing, playing and performing through Guns N Roses, Slash’s Snakepit, Velvet Revolver and a host of collaborations and guest appearances has inspired and entertained millions worldwide. Since exploding onto the music scene in 1987 with Guns N’ Roses “Appetite For Destruction”, still the fastest selling debut album of all time, Slash has become one of the best loved and critically acclaimed guitarists of his generation. Time magazine, as recently as August 2009, named Slash as # 2 on the list of 10 Best Electric Guitar Players of All Time.

Slash’s debut solo album will see him collaborating with some of the world’s most vital contemporary artists – from the rock world and beyond.


The prize includes the full UK edition of the album including the bonus track as seen below. We are also including the fan pack which includes a full 132 page magazine, a patch and double sided poster.

1. Ghost (feat. Ian Astbury)
2. Crucify The Dead (feat. Ozzy)
3. Beautiful Dangerous (feat. Fergie)
4. Back From Cali (feat. Myles Kennedy)
5. Promise (feat. Chris Cornell)
6. By The Sword (feat. Andrew Stockdale)
7. Gotten (feat. Adam Levine)
8. Doctor Alibi (feat. Lemmy Kilmeister)
9. Watch This (feat. Dave Grohl/Duff McKagan)
10. I Hold On (feat. Kid Rock)
11. Nothing To Say (feat. M Shadows)
12. Starlight (feat. Myles Kennedy)
13. Saint Is A Sinner Too (feat. Rocco De Luca)
14. We’re All Gonna Die (feat. Iggy Pop)
15. Baby Can’t Drive (feat. Alice Cooper/Nicole Scherzinger)


This competition is open worldwide!
One entry per person.
The competition ends May 29th 2010.
On the above date, a random draw will take place with the winner contacted immediately by email to confirm your details in order to ship your prize.
If you enter by Twitter, please follow EspyRock to ensure we can contact you by a Direct Message.
If you do not reply and claim your prize within 3 days then an alternate winner will be selected through another random draw.

Giveaway Ended


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15 Responses to “Win a copy of Slash’s debut album with the fan pack”

  1. Love Slash! Am just re-reading his auto-biography. Would def recommend!

  2. Jennifer Thorpe 13/05/2010 at 11:21 am

    my husband would love me forever if I won this! Great prize

  3. julie henderson 13/05/2010 at 11:00 pm

    Never got to see him with Guns n roses but i did see him with Velvet Revolver and am really looking forward to this album

  4. Slash has such a great stage prescence me and hubby are big fans, would love to have this album! Good luck all.

  5. I love slash. Please let me win

  6. phyllis ellett 22/05/2010 at 9:59 am

    what a great guitarist what a great prize

  7. I would be my husband & son’s favourite person if I won this for them. They’re both heavy metal guitarists & love Slash.

  8. Rodrigo Matias 27/05/2010 at 9:45 pm

    Hi my name is Rodrigo and I want this more than anything in the world right now, I’m a huge fan of Slash since i was 12 when i watched the sweet child ‘ o mine video and it blew my mind away i’m 23 years old now and I learned to play the guitar because of him his my hero!! I can’t wait to see him on tour!!

  9. Rodrigo Matias 27/05/2010 at 9:59 pm

    Hi my name is Rodrigo and I’m writing this because this price is the only thing that want most in the hole world! I’m a huge fan of slash since i was 12 when i watched the sweet child ‘ o mine video and it blew my mind away !! I’m 23 years old now and I learned to play the guitar because of him his my hero !!!! i can’t wait to see him on tour!!

  10. Great prize

  11. Stuart Morrow 28/05/2010 at 10:58 pm

    love to win this

  12. So many yummy tones oozing from this beautiful sonic giveaway. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess….Slash got tone to the bone! There’s an element that moves you in every tune on this luscious beauty!

    A give that’ll surely keep on giving for longer than anyone could imagine…. CRANK IT UP & REMEMBER “IF IT’S TOO LOUD…. THEN YOU’RE TOO OLD”

  13. phyllis ellett 29/05/2010 at 9:44 am

    Love slash, superb giveaway

  14. Awesome prize, something good to read while listening to his new album.

  15. Jack Ripple 18/06/2010 at 7:16 am

    A tip of the hat (one just like Slash’s) to Espy Rock for this awesome Slash competition