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EspyRock has received a free copy of Taking Dawns debut release from Roadrunner Records to give away to one lucky reader!

The members of Taking Dawn grew up surrounded by the glitz and glam, the bright lights and big city of constant vice. This Las Vegas upbringing helped shaped the band into what it is today: a rock ‘n roll time bomb just waiting to explode on an unsuspecting public with its Roadrunner debut, Time to Burn.

“We’ve spent our whole lives in Las Vegas and we’re the only people from Las Vegas who didn’t turn into smack dealers,” says vocalist/guitarist Chris Babbitt, showcasing his signature humour. Babbitt and guitarist Mikey Cross were born at the same hospital and brought into this world by the same doctor. It’s as though the stars were aligned and the duo were destined to be in a band. Babbitt recalls the band’s coming together, saying, “Alan and I met sophomore year in high school when I started playing guitar. I met Mike senior year, after I had been trying to put a band together for many years and it finally happened when we were 21.” Babbitt fell into the frontman role, in what turns out to have been a happy accident. “No one could sing so I was going to have to step it up. Everyone sucked and I happened to suck less,” he says, tongue planted firmly in cheek. Babbitt admits the band started “screwing around” at a local haunt – Roberto’s Taco Shop— and everything spiralled from there.

Babbitt and Cross also worked security at the Hard Rock Hotel, which helped them remain surrounded by and immersed in rock ‘n roll. This rough ‘n tumble day job led the duo to appear as the star security guards on True TV’s Rehab show. Babbitt laughs about his role on the reality show, saying, “I save a lot of lives, kick a lot of ass!”

While Taking Dawn are by no means a throwback to 80s glam metal, the band is certainly inspired by the era gone by and have chosen to take the foundation of that sound and scene and update it in a thoroughly modern way: by shredding, soloing and creating melody in their music. “I don’t get people who don’t like Bon Jovi and Skid Row and other classic bands,” he says. “We want to bring it to the kids, for them to understand it in a modern context. We don’t want to imitate. We want to do our own thing. We want the balls and the attitude.”

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