Daniel Lioneye stream brand new song

Daniel Lioneye has released their first song from the upcoming album “Vol. II”, due to be released April 27th.

The song, “I Have Never Wanted To Be Number One”, was released with the following statement from the band:

Ladies and gents, set your speakers to Vol. II R30;

…because here comes the first song from the new album! It’s called “I Have Never Wanted To Be Number One” and we hope you like it.

This is no doubt the most accessible song on the album and believe it or not it was written about 5 years ago. It was meant to be an acoustic ballad but this album is not about acoustic ballads so we started to fuck around with it. At first I thought that it sticks out a bit too much from the rest of the stuff and wasn’t sure if I should include it. It sounded too serious and stiff to me. Then Burton came in with his 80’s keys and we added the blast beat part in the end and it changed my mind. Lyrically I guess it is about moving on. But it kind of raises more questions than gives answers and I like to keep it that way.” – Linde

Listen to the track below in the bands MySpace player.


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