Free album from Silent Lapse

Silent Lapse has released their 2009 album Birthright for free download to fans and new listeners alike.

The album is the group’s first full length release with the lyrics and music of this concept album was written over a period of four years and tells a creative story of hope spanning all nine tracks.

The band had this to say with the release:

And one more thingR30;

Birthright is now FREE!  Before you tell us how crazy we are or how little sense that makes, hear us out.

We aren’t giving it away because the album isn’t worth the money.  We’re giving it away because we believe in it.  We’re like the video professor.  We’re sure that once you listen to it, you’ll come back to us for all you computer learning needs… I mean… you’ll come back and see us again

Really though, we hope that you take our album, and give it a listen, and if you enjoy it, share it with a friend.  And then bring that friend to come see us live.

As of now, we’re only giving them away at shows, but we may or may not reduce the price online as well.

Try my product!


Download the album by clicking on the following link –

Listen to some of the songs below from the bands MySpace player:


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