Exclusive: Brad Heilman picks eight of his favourite songs

This week to celebrate the release of ‘The Gainsaying Of Korah’ from American metallers Denial Machine, EspyRock will be featuring some of the bands favourite songs. Now becoming the first band to be featured on EspyRock twice, Denial Machine have released a four song EP titled ‘The Gainsaying Of Korah’ on 14th September. The EP is a follow up to their 2009 self-titled debut album which was a massive hit amongst our readers in January 2010 when we streamed and gave you the chance to win signed copies.

If you have yet to hear the EP in full then click the following link to listen to it exclusively on EspyRock – The Gainsaying Of Korah Stream.

As part of our new running feature were we ask artists to pick their favourite songs, Denial Machine have teamed up with us to run a week long feature in celebration of their new release were each day you will be treated to a selection of their favourite songs.

In the fourth of our five features, bassist Brad Heilman picks eight of his favourite songs. Brad had this to say:

From the looks of my list you will have an idea on who in Denial Machine may be the eldest…and hopefully the wisest…of the bunch…lol. The following songs were/are some of the crucial turning points in my love of metal over the years…both as a listener and a player. These are songs that challenged me on a personal level in learning to play them as well as influencing a constant quest for trying to better my song writing in whatever project I was in at the time. Metal has evolved so much in the past years I barely can recognise it compared to what it was when I first discovered it but every now and then I love hearing a riff or a melody that I can’t help but think that these bands listed had a crucial though subtle effect on the influence and shaping of metal in its current state. Hate it or love it metal cannot be ignored. It will always exist whether on the radio or in the underground and though it hasn’t been an easy road, I in dark wouldn’t have it any other way.

Track 1

Band: Watchtower
Song: The Eldritch

Track 2

Band: Crimson Glory
Song: Red Sharks

Track 3

Band: Queensryche
Song: Queen Of The Reich

Track 4

Band: Iron Maiden
Song: Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

Part One

Part Two

Track 5

Band: Metallica
Song: Battery

Track 6

Band: Staind
Song: Mudshovel

Track 7

Band: Pantera
Song: 5 Minutes Alone

Track 8

Band: Korn
Song: Freak On A Leash


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