Exclusive: Jaycen Angone picks five of his favourite songs

This week to celebrate the release of ‘The Gainsaying Of Korah’ from American metallers Denial Machine, EspyRock will be featuring some of the bands favourite songs. Now becoming the first band to be featured on EspyRock twice, Denial Machine are releasing a four song EP titled ‘The Gainsaying Of Korah’ on 14th September. The EP is a follow up to their 2009 self-titled debut album which was a massive hit amongst our readers in January 2010 when we streamed and gave you the chance to win signed copies.

If you have yet to hear the EP in full then click the following link to listen to it exclusively on EspyRock – The Gainsaying Of Korah Stream.

As part of our new running feature were we ask artists to pick their favourite songs, Denial Machine have teamed up with us to run a week long feature in celebration of their new release were each day you will be treated to a selection of their favourite songs.

We get kick started with drummer Jaycen Angone as he picks some of his favourite Rush songs with a little Lamb Of God and Metallica to top it off.

Tracks 1 and 2

Band: Rush
Songs: La Villa Strangiato and 2112
Jaycen: Rush, and particularly Neil Peart, have been a tremendous influence on my understanding and appreciation of music. Their level of musicianship still inspires me to this day to strive to be a better player.

‘La Villa Strangiato’

‘2112’ – Split into three parts below (song consists of seven parts/chapters totalling over 20 minutes of audio)

Track 3

Band: Lamb Of God
Song: Redneck
Jaycen: Chris Adler in my opinion is one the better drummers to have come out in the last few years. I appreciate his raw talent as well as his creative drum patterns. For me, this song is a good example of how a metal drummer can still be creative and even a little experimental in a jazz/fusion type way without losing the feel of the music.

Track 4 and 5

Band: Metallica
Song: Fade to Black and Battery
Jaycen: I think for a large number of musicians out there Metallica was an early influence. I respect their longevity and prolific song writing and from time to time I still have to break out some old Metallica tunes, turn ‘em up as loud as I can, and just sit back and enjoy.

‘Fade To Black’



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