Exclusive: Nick Sollecito picks ten of his favourite songs

Recently JJ had the opportunity to interview The Empire Shall Fall regarding their debut album but during his interview, Nick Sollecito (bass) took some time not only to answer those questions but to also give us his ideal working day playlist in which he gives us a little variation to a normal EspyRock playlist.

You would naturally think of many to all metal bassists as being someone who bleeds rock n’ roll from their veins but Nick comes for a varied music background. Growing up, Nick was primarily a jazz musician throughout high school but since those days he has also worked on hip-hip projects and of course now he has found himself testing the black waters of metal. During JJ’s interview, I wished to find out what was the appeal to him of playing a much heavier style of music and also for The Empire Shall Fall.

I don’t think I thought too much about jumping into a metal band. The idea came to me driving home from NYC while visiting Jesse. I just sort of did it. Though I will say that the appeal now is that I get to play loud, fast, and aggressive (something I don’t get to do in hip-hop/jazz). I have also grown to love the performance aspect of live shows. I feel like a kid that gets to run around all day until he is flat-out exhausted.

Nick was then kind enough to work out ten of his favourite songs which would fit in an ideal work day and also give him inspiration in his music. The following ten songs can be found with a little description from Nick to why he enjoys these specific songs and although you are expecting a full rock/metal playlist, Nick went through his true ideal list throwing in a little hip-hop with a song from Black Star, just to jazz things up a little and keep you on your toes.

Note: Not all the songs were available in high quality streams so I have found the best quality available during my search.

Track 1

Artist: Hot Water Music
Song: Remedy
Nick: I only recently started listening to this band, but this first tune off the album Caution made me realize that love this band. Tight rhythm section.

Track 2

Artist: Mastodon
Song: Workhorse
Nick: I love the drum work on this tune. Such a great and dynamic band. One of my favourite modern metal bands.

Track 3

Artist: Black Star
Song: RE: DEFinition
Nick: Mos Def kills on this album. I love how Hi Tek flips the beat around under Mos. Conscious hip hop.

Track 4

Artist: Candiria
Song: Year One
Nick: Such a good band. I love the jazz influence, and the drummer is just insane. So fluid. I hope they do a reunion someday.

Track 5

Artist: Cave-In
Song: Joy Opposites
Nick: This album (Antenna) is simply amazing. The sonic quality if huge and crisp.

Track 6

Artist: Circa Survive
Song: Oh, Hello
Nick: I love how on this album (Juturna) the guitars hardly ever play actual chords. The two of them just have inter-weaving melodies that work with each other, while the bass and drums hold down the root. Anthony floats over the top perfectly.

Track 7

Artist: Thrice
Song: The Great Exchange
Nick: Thrice always seems to be able to reinvent themselves, and they did once again on the album Beggars. Great guitar tones and fantastic vocal melodies.

Track 8

Artist: Sunny Day Real Estate
Song: How It Feels To Be Something On
Nick: The title track to this album. Not a bad song on the album. I am not sure if this band ever wrote a band song, actually. Jeremy Enigk is one of my all-time favourite vocalists/songwriters

Track 9

Artist: At The Drive-In
Song: Arcarsenal
Nick: We covered this song. This band is incredible. Maybe my #1 influence for aggressive music. If stuck on an island with only 1 album, Relationship of Command may be the one.

Track 10

Artist: Ebu Gogo
Song: DSurfNA
Nick: All the members of this trio are amazing musicians that were in a band called Gruvis Malt. Just insane prog rock. Check out the member’s various solo stuff. Amazing. Rhode Island Represent!


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