I Have Discovered: Fall And Perish

Hailing from Scotland, Fall And Perish are possibly the next big thing to hit thrash metal! With a sound that’s as brutal as Trivium and as tight as Bullet For My Valentine, Fall And Perish are going places.

Having started in 2008 the band went through a break-up towards the end and all seemed lost and as if the band would never get anywhere. But under 3 months later the band were back together, stronger than ever and writing new music.

Having opened for bands such as Forever Never and Damnation Angels, Fall And Perish have a lot of experience behind them for such a young band, and they look set to break the trend and keep on rising through the echelons of thrash metal.

Keep your eyes peeled for more on Fall And Perish including a review of their upcoming debut EP.

Listen if you like: Trivium, Machine Head, Metallica



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  1. They’re a bunch of sexy beasts.