Music Monday Playlist – April 12th 2010

Welcome to this week’s brutal yet diverse Music Monday playlist. We’ve selected 15 adrenaline-fuelled anthems for you to enjoy!

Track 1
Song: Armoured Assault
Artist: Evile
Album: Enter The Grave (2007)

Track 2
Song: Prey
Artist: The Agony Scene
Album: The Darkest Red (2005)

Track 3
Song: Fire, Flood & Plague
Artist: High On Fire
Album: Snakes For The Divine (2010)

Track 4
Song: Crystal Lake
Artist: Poison The Well
Album: You Come Before You (2003)

Track 5
Song: Die On A Rope
Artist: The Distillers
Album: Coral Fang (2003)

Track 6
Song: The Hate Song
Artist: Raging Speedhorn
Album: We Will Be Dead Tomorrow (2002)

Track 7
Song: Not Alone
Artist: All That Remains
Album: The Fall Of Ideals (2006)

Track 8
Song: Pattern Recognition
Artist: Byzantine
Album: Oblivion Beckons (2008)

Track 9
Song: Where Is Your God?
Artist: Amon Amarth
Album: Twilight Of The Thunder God (2008)

Track 10
Song: Deathrider
Artist: Anthrax
Album: The Greater Of Two Evils (2004)

Track 11
Song: Cleansation
Artist: Chimaira
Album: The Impossibility Of Reason (2003)

Track 12
Song: It Takes No Guts
Artist: Superjoint Ritual
Album: Use Once And Destroy (2002)

Track 13
Song: Prophecy
Artist: Soulfly
Album: Prophecy (2004)

Track 14
Song: The Tides
Artist: Darkest Hour
Album: The Eternal Return (2009)

Track 15
Song: Detox
Artist: Strapping Young Lad
Album: City (1997)


About JJPorter

JJ is a 20-year-old student hailing from Scotland, who lives and breathes music. His favourite genres include a variety of styles of metal, as well as hardcore, punk, and just about everything in between. Contact JJPorter on Twitter or via Email.

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