Music Monday Playlist – 1st February 2010

There’s no specific theme to this week’s playlist, just 15 great Tracks for you to enjoy!

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Track 1

Title: The Last Enemy
Artist: Arch Enemy
Album: Rise of the Tyrant

Track 2

Title: Juneau
Artist: Funeral for a Friend
Album: Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation

Track 3

Title: Ex-Creations
Artist: The Fall of Troy
Album: Manipulator

Track 4

Title: Inspire
Artist: Cave In
Album: Antenna

Track 5

Title: Frostbite
Artist: Parkway Drive
Album: Horizons

Track 6

Title: Lost & Found
Artist: Feeder
Album: The Singles

Track 7

Title: Oroborus
Artist: Gojira
Album: The Way of All Flesh

Track 8

Title: The Hessian
Artist: Vallenbrosa
Album: Hessian Mercenaries

Track 9

Title: Crush ‘Em
Artist: GBH
Album: Ha Ha

Track 10

Title: Antman
Artist: The Red Chord
Album: Clients

Track 11

Title: Beautiful Mourning
Artist: Machine Head
Album: The Blackening

Track 12

Title: False Idols
Artist: Unearth
Album: The Oncoming Storm

Track 13

Title: Aurora
Artist: Foo Fighters
Album: There is Nothing Left to Lose

Track 14

Title: Sunshine Diver
Artist: Johnny Truant
Album: No Tears for the Creatures

Track 15

Title: Against the Grain
Artist: City and Colour
Album: Bring Me Your Love


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JJ is a 20-year-old student hailing from Scotland, who lives and breathes music. His favourite genres include a variety of styles of metal, as well as hardcore, punk, and just about everything in between. Contact JJPorter on Twitter or via Email.

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