Album Recommendation: The Parlor Mob – And You Were A Crow

I discovered The Parlor Mob & their debut album, when another favourite of mine Black Stone Cherry posted this on their website:

Check out this band from NJ, we don’t normally do this, so if we do, you know it’s specialR30;go and have a listen…If you like Black Stone Cherry you will LOVE our friends in The Parlor Mob!

Well, I do love BSC, so I did what they asked of me & Hallelujah – the prophesy came true, The Parlor Mob had gotten a new disciple. The Parlor Mob let you know what is coming right from the start with their 60/70’s inspired driving rhythms, explosive guitar riffs, star-studded vocals and doesn’t let go of you until the end. It’s always dangerous to start name dropping similarities, but Led Zeppelin comes to mind. If you are into Classic Rock ‘N’ Roll then you definitely should check them out. Track Listing:

  1. Hard Times
  2. Dead Wrong
  3. Everything You’re Breathing For
  4. The Kids
  5. When I Was An Orphan
  6. Angry Young Girl
  7. Carnival of Crows
  8. Real Hard Headed
  9. Tide of Tears
  10. My Favourite Heart to Break
  11. Bullet
  12. Can’t Keep No Good Boy Down

Band Members: Mark Melicia (Lead Vocals) Paul Ritchie (Guitar) David Rosen (Guitar) Nicholas Villapiano (Bass) Samuel Bey (Drums, Backing Vocals) Standout tracks: It’s almost impossible to highlight only a few, when the entire album is so good. But, here we go – Everything You’re Breathing ForWhen I Was An OrphanReal Hard Headed. I can’t do anything other than quote myself, from my Black Stone Cherry recommendation, – “Simply put, a stunning debut album which is strongly recommended.” The Parlor Mob have started to write some new songs for their next album and are currently supporting Black Stone Cherry, together with Duff McKagan’s Loaded, on the upcoming mini tour of UK starting the 10th of October – MySpace : – Unfortunately there are only 30 second samples available on MySpace, which is a shame, who is going to fall in love with 30 second samples? Note to bands: Always stream the full songs, Always! Spotify: spotify:artist:1U4d20oJAq9aLa2mhDGwVV Buy the album through EspyRock: iTunes UK: The Parlor Mob - And You Were a Crow iTunes US: The Parlor Mob - And You Were a Crow Amazon (MP3): The Parlor Mob – And You Were A Crow Amazon (CD): The Parlor Mob – And You Were a Crow


Hard Times

Can’t Keep No Good Boy Down

Can’t Keep No Good Boy Down


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