Album Review: Audrey Horne – Audrey Horne

The Norwegian band Audrey Horne just released a self-titled album earlier this week. The album is filled with 11 melodic hard rock tracks, mixed and produced by Joe Barresi.

Track List:

1. These Vultures
2. Charon
3. Circus
4. Down Like Suicide
5. Blaze Of Ashes
6. Sail Away
7. Bridges And Anchors
8. Pitch Black Morning
9. Firehouse
10. Darkdrive
11. Godspeed

Audrey Horne - Audrey Horne CoverThey grab you with the first tracks with unforgettable riffs and with Toschie’s unique voice. “Blaze Of Ashes” and their newest single “Down Like Suicide” are songs you would like to put on repeat. Actually, you would want to put the whole album on repeat, because this is so good, you’d want to listen to it over and over again.

Among these hard rock tracks there are two slow songs which sticks out “Sail Away” and “Godspeed”, which gives the album the perfect balance between hard rock and slow. This is an album you just can’t get enough of, and it definitely belongs in your cd-collection.

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* Top Photo by Bent René Synnevåg


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