Album Review: The Fall of Troy – In the Unlikely Event

Washington based experimental post-hardcore band, The Fall of Troy, deliver once again with their latest release – In The Unlikely Event.


  1. “Panic Attack!”
  2. “Straight-Jacket Keelhauled”
  3. “Battleship Graveyard”
  4. “A Classic Case of Transference”
  5. “Single”
  6. “Empty The Clip, The King Has Been Slain, Long Live The Queen
  7. “People And Their Lives”
  8. “Dirty Pillow Talk”
  9. “Nobody’s Perfect”
  10. “Webs”
  11. “Walk Of Fame”
  12. “Nature Vs. Nurture”

With unpredictable, ambiguous song titles and cool-as-hell artwork it seems that The Fall of Troy have used the same template when making this album as their first three. However, don’t assume because of this that you know what to expect from the American trio. With the departure of Tim Ward, their previous resident bassist, and the introduction of Frank “Black” Ene, The Fall of Troy have released their fourth full-length album.

The album’s opening track, “Panic Attack!”, was the first glimpse of the new album after it was released for free download from their mailing list. The track opens with glorious groove as Thomas Erak, with his mesmerising technical ability manages to convert a fairly simple riff into a complex display of melody and rhythm. The song seems repetitive at times – something that is not usually associated with The Fall of Troy. However, the FCPREMIX style section and the lead weight of a breakdown do well to change things up.

Frank Black quickly justifies his place in The Fall of Troy by following Erak’s intricate guitar patterns on his bass guitar. Although Tim Ward was also very capable on his bass guitar, Frank brings vocal harmony into The Fall of Troy’s arsenal, which has previously been omitted, settling for the preferred option – screaming. “Single” shows off this newfound ability very nicely, with an impressively up-beat chorus.

All in all, In The Unlikely Event is a really good album, but it does fall short of the post previously set by the likes of Manipulator and Phantom on the Horizon. Perhaps The Fall of Troy’s passion for being “different” all the time has inadvertently created a glass ceiling, restricting them to small venues for the foreseeable future. Their talent for creating atmosphere is undeniable, so too is their ability for creating tracks like Caught Up and Webs, where the emphasis is put on being much more straight forward and laid back. If you like The Fall of Troy, go buy this album. If you don’t like The Fall of Troy, go buy this album.

Best track – Straight-Jacket Keelhauled.

Rating – 7/10

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