Band Recommendation: This Town Needs Guns

Oxford is perhaps best known for it’s highly regarded university, of which the likes of Stephen Hawking, Michael Palin and other well known politicians, actors, comics and scientists attended. This therefore greatly overshadows its music scene, leaving bands like This Town Needs Guns relatively unheard of.

Consisting of Stuart Smith, Tim Collis, Jamie Cooper and Chris Collis, the band released their debut album in October 2008 with Big Scary Monsters Recording Company. Their music revolves around Tim Collis’s frantic, hyper-active style of guitar playing and bursts of elaborate, well crafted drum sections. These are contrasted by the subtle melody from the bass and keyboard. Stuart Smith’s vocals add structure to what would otherwise seem chaotic. With sections of instrumental pieces, This Town Needs Guns provide for some moving atmospherics, accompanied by routine tempo changes and atypical time signatures.

This Town Needs Guns, being progressive, are hard to compare to anyone else, so it makes it all the bit harder to convince people to listen to them. If you like Math Rock or play guitar you will like this band.

<a href="">Pig by This Town Needs Guns</a>


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