Broken Bricks

It’s true, you most likely have not heard of Broken Bricks, unless you are from Toronto, Canada (their hometown and local scene).

* Small update, Check out this post to get five songs for free & the entire album for $1!

They have been making a name for themselves in Toronto over the past year playing numerous shows to a growing audience, as well as independently releasing their debut album “Pasquale” this past July– to stellar reviews no less.  Though initially only selling their record off the stage successfully at a local level, they have now finally released it online (available on Amazon/iTunes/Spotify soon!) – because the world is ready to hear about Broken Bricks.

Who are Broken Bricks?

They are a young four piece band based out of Toronto, Canada.  The band consists of vocalist/guitarist Marlon Chaplin (whose vocals are only surpassed by his killer guitar solos), keyboard player and vocalist Luke Kuplowsky (who has standout keyboard skills); Evan Diamond on bass, and holding down the rhythm section; Patrick Kahn.

Though they have only been playing together two years, they have clearly defined their sound and run with it.

Marlon and Luke formed the band two years ago during an impromptu jam session after meeting unexpectedly in their school hallway; Chaplin holding his guitar, Kuplowsky playing his harmonica.  As the story goes, “no one spoke a word, they just played”.  Though they spin a nice tale of a biography on their MySpace, it appears the love of music and mutual talent was what ultimately brought them together (both Chaplin and Kuplowsky are multi-instrumentalists often playing all the instruments you hear on the recordings).

From that day forward they began writing songs (they share the writing duties).  After searching for equally passionate and talented players, they found Diamond and Kahn to round out the line up.  They have consistently been asked to play around their hometown of Toronto since that time, and have started receiving some campus airplay in Ontario.

Their sound can best be described as retro 1960’s garage rock (that goes down to the very aesthetic of the production of the album).  The album sounds as though it could have been recorded in that glorious Rock ‘N’ Roll era—where musicians could play their instruments, and songs were recorded live off the floor in one take.  As promptly displayed on their MySpace they sound like “real music”.

Their influences include The Kinks (which is evident in their catchy hooks), The Good, The Bad and The Queen (evident in the standout keyboard parts) and, of course, The White Stripes (their name does after all come from a White Stripes song).

f you are hearing about Broken Bricks for the first time, it will not be the last.  Their DIY style is admirable, their playing will knock your socks off, and they write a damn catchy old school Rock N’ Roll tune!

If you like The White Stripes you’ll like:  Evil Sister

If you like The Kinks you’ll like: Take Me On

Hear more tunes at: or

Available online at:, or

Buy the album through EspyRock and Amazon UK: Amazon (MP3) /


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4 Responses to “Broken Bricks”

  1. Awesome article guys! I can’t wait to check out more of your music and shows!

  2. Glad to see this band finally getting the due they deserve!

  3. Come on – this is a blatant White Stripes rip off. “My Doorbell”, anyone? Sorry but this sucks. To the band – try harder. Just copying other people is fucking easy and takes no talent whatsoever. I’m sure it gets you laid more often than not playing out at all but if you’re serious about music, you need to give people a reason to give a fuck. In this regard, you failed this time around.

  4. To Sam:

    The band does not try to hide their White Stripes influences at all, their name come from a White Stripes song. So of course you’re going to hear that influence in their music.

    You are of course entitled to your own opinion, but in my opinion it is way to harsh to call them copycats or rip-offs :)

    I like both White Stripes & Broken Bricks!