Changing Clocks

Changing Clocks – A Rock, Pop and Blues fusion with all the flavors to attract and surprise every ear it caresses. A combination of male and female vocals, powerful harmonies and sincere lyrics with subtle but strong arrangements – rhythmic hits and textured guitars with memorable melodies – make for a truly interesting listen. Changing Clocks are worth your time and a lot more.

Changing Clocks has teamed up with EspyRock to offer new and current fans the opportunity to listen to and download their self-titled EP as well as two brand new songs that are exclusive to EspyRock: for a limited time they will only be available, for free, here on EspyRock. But who are Changing Clocks? Read on more information and how to obtain the EP and two new and exclusive songs for free.

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Changing Clocks are a young five-piece band from Boston. The core of the band consists of three members who founded the band in Fall 2008; Matt Rod (guitar, vocals and composer), Erika Cole (lead vocals) and Seth Botos (drums) and have recently been joined by Matthew Edwards (bass) and Andrew Rhim (guitar). They all met and continue to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

The name, Changing Clocks, comes from Matt’s traveling between Boston and South Africa where he was born and raised in Johannesburg. With the 7-hour time difference the name already shows clear significance. More figuratively, the name bears significance when one hears the variety of styles incorporated into the music: “The music industry is constantly evolving, as are peoples’ tastes. We just hope to be able to change and grow together with listeners, to produce music that can feel familiar but that isn’t bound by a particular period in time.”

Matt Rod really proves he has a host of qualities, from his technical prowess on the guitar to his lyrical talent. As Matt demonstrates his strength as a singer and guitarist, the alluring voice of country and soul singer Erika Cole, brings an added dimension to the band and the blend of male and female vocals is an incredible strength to their sound. Seth completes the band’s sound with dynamic and tasteful performances on the drums.

Changing Clocks

Changing Clocks

Each member of the band has their own influences that manifest in Changing Clocks’ overall sound. Matt says that The Beatles, Queen, Sting, Joe Satriani, John Coltrane, and The Cat Empire are real influences to him while Erika is influenced more by country and blues, her hero Patsy Cline and other influences from Bonnie Raitt, Dixie Chicks and Stevie Wonder. Seth shows his Jazz influences with John Scofield but is also a fan of Metal bands such as the noted Opeth.

Although Erika’s style was different to how Matt had envisioned the music for Changing Clocks, he stated: “I first heard Erika singing some country tunes on her MySpace and although her sound was vastly different from the singer I had imagined approaching, I knew immediately that I’d love to have her on board. Erika really sounds quite unique on these recordings and I think that singing in this style has really pushed her. It shows how incredibly diverse she is.”

While the group was formed in late 2008, they experience a run of bad luck on the lead up to their EP release in November 2009, with several guitarist and bassists leaving. Thankfully though, they continued on and were able to release a strong and experienced sounding debut.

Recorded between Boston and South Africa, mixed in Providence and mastered in Nashville, the debut Changing Clocks EP consists of five tracks:

  1. I’ll Be Back This Summer – A light-hearted song about returning back home (to wherever that may be) to a warmer place, after growing tired of Boston’s brutal winters.
  2. Anne – A song about uncertainty in a love relationship that is torn by chance and man’s inability to control much.
  3. Blooming – A contrast between two worlds (inspired by Boston and Matt’s home, South Africa). Time’s constant and relentless motion with the image of “Purple flowers” (Jacaranda trees) blooming while “golden leaves”, presumably in Boston, fall.
  4. Don’t Burn The Suit – A constantly shifting song speaking of the sacrifice of the human spirit for more worldly and material ideals.
  5. Rescue Me – a catchy song about finding rest and ease in the comfort of another human being.

The band has since recorded two brand new songs which are exclusive to EspyRock: “Man Makes Man”  and “3-Day-Weekend”.

Each and every song created by Changing Clocks stays true to each members’ roots, the bands focus of Rock and Pop are clearly noted but the fusion of Jazz and Blues with the talented and technical ability of each member truly shines giving them a dynamic and fresh exciting sound.

The power and effectiveness of the lyrics stand out from themselves but in order for them to have any effect, talent musicians are required and the members of Changing Clocks represent just that.

2010 can be the year for Changing Clocks to make an impact on several scenes with their range of styles and it won’t be long until they receive the attention they do deserve on a grand scale. With a now secure dedicated line-up, the band “just want to get out there and play play play – to share our music with everyone, and show people what we’ve got.” The ultimate goal as with any band is to achieve that major label deal and it would be a fool of anyone to not believe that one is in their future.

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