Death Valley Pornstar

Sexy. Devilish. Rock and Roll for the masses!

Formed in early 2008, DVP quickly built a name for itself on the strength of powerful live shows & razor-sharp songwriting. Lead vocalist Jezebel Rose, guitarist Jimi Stroker, bassist Adrien “Money” Gomez and drummer Giovanni Fuentes always have fun on stage and bring a down and dirty vibe to every show.

Drawing inspiration from bands and artists as diverse as Foo Fighters, Lady Gaga, The Black Keys, Eagles of Death Metal, The Beatles, Them Crooked Vultures, Pink, Queen, Kyuss and Primus (to name a few), Death Valley Pornstar creates a sound that is pure, delicious, female fronted rock.

You can hear Death Valley Pornstar self-released EP, “BURN, DIABLA, BURN!” above which was released in October 2009. “BURN, DIABLA, BURN!” features songs that move seamlessly from hard-hitting to moody, angry to silly, and everything else in-between. The band first studio EP is a fun and balanced showcase of the band’s sound, sensibility and energy.

In addition to the traditional promotional models, DVP also looks to the future of the music industry; their forward-thinking attitude cultivated a strong online presence with solid digital sales, free exclusive downloads through their website, blogs, tweets and online events like an upcoming 2010 online streaming concert. Fans can always find something happening with DVP on the web

There’s no mistaking it; Death Valley Pornstar is on the prowl, fighting to bring back pure, unadulterated rock and roll.

“The performance that followed was everything it promised. Sultry. BluesyR30;This band plays no games when it comes to conveying emotion and temper. I highly recommend seeing this band live.”

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