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In a period where the style that has come to be known as metalcore has been in some form of steady decline, the self-titled debut album from Illinois five-piece Denial Machine really is a breath of fresh air. With a sound that combines melodic intricacy with death metal-inspired savagery, it is essential that fans of exquisite harmonies, soaring metal choruses and pulverizing riffs pay close attention to this excellent band.

Anyone fortunate enough to listen to Denial Machine will no doubt struggle to comprehend the fact that this is the debut release from a band that did not even exist this time last year, as the level of musicianship on display would suggest that this is the sound of an experienced, accomplished collective. The band does feature members of the now defunct Ditchwater so they are not exactly newcomers, but tracks such as The God Particle and Another Savior really are reminiscent of Killswitch Engage’s best work, and to have the ability to come anywhere close to replicating such a high standard of music is a remarkable achievement. The most pleasing thing, however, is that the quality remains high throughout.

One major asset of a band of this style is always to have a talented vocalist, and Eamon Skube is most certainly that. His capacity to alternate between aggressive screaming and euphoric melodies is second to none; both styles are demonstrated very effectively on the awesome A Symbol of Obsession, while the climax of Delivering Failure is a notable example of Skube’s singing capabilities in particular. In fact, Skube’s prowess in both vocal styles seemingly goes hand in hand with the overall sound of Denial Machine, as the band’s capabilities in both melody and all-out brutality are obvious. Opening track Whom the Gods Would Destroy is a great representation of this, while the ingeniously-crafted harmonies of Idée Fixe are simply irresistible.

It must be said, however, that closing track Worms of the Earth is undoubtedly Denial Machine’s finest hour. An adrenaline-fuelled, fast-paced behemoth, this stunning piece of work contains all the best elements of everything that has gone before – infectious choruses, brilliant harmonies, and supreme vocals – and then some. The Meshuggah-esque tech-metal vibe of the track enhances the band’s credentials even further, and is just one of many reasons why Denial Machine is worth checking out. If this band can maintain this standard on future releases, there is no doubt that they will be a force to be truly reckoned with.

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