Long Live Party Rock!!! – We love loud guitars, smoke machines & a good timeR30;

The words above belong to todays introduction – sleaze rock extravaganza Diemonds, who is out to prove that Rock N’ Roll is very much alive – a worthy cause, if you ask me.

Diemonds certainly presents a strong case, which you can check out for yourselves below. We have 2 songs streaming and a FREE download to give you, our fabulous readers.

So…who are Diemonds?

Diemonds is a hard rock band in the veins of Guns N’ Roses & Mötley Crue, who has been called “The Epitome of Sunset Strip Sleaze“. The band hails from Toronto, Canada & are one of the hardest working bands in the city. Fronted by Priya Panda on Vocals, who took classic Indian singing lessons as a child, Alan “The Yeti” on drums who together with Cuzo on bass guitar are keeping the thunderous rhythm section rolling & last but not least C.C. Diemond, guitar slayer & a hobby Stuntman. * I’ll get back to that last part later ;)

With an incendiary live show & an album “In The Rough“, who UK’s Classic Rock Magazine named one of the Year’s Best Albums (2008), the band have made quite a name for themselves over the last few years, gaining fans all over Canada, United States, Europe and Japan. The band have been invited to play at the NXNE (North by Northeast Music Festival) two years in a row, where they played with Oholics from Sweden & New York’s Semi-Precious Weapon, and 2009 saw Diemonds touring extensively on the Load n Nasty tour, a nation wide cross-country tour.

DiemondsDiemonds is an independent & DIY (Do It Yourself) band. The debut album “In The Rough” (available on most online retailers) is completely self-financed & recorded independently. The album quickly sold out it’s initial pressing after receiving stellar reviews, both in Canada and Europe. They book their own gigs & tours, silkscreen their merch & even shot their music video for “Highway” on their own. * And here is the cue to the story of Stuntman C.C. Diemond.

While recording the music video for “Highway” – Stuntman & guitar player C.C. Diemond, got this great idea that he wanted to do a scene where he hung out of their tour van soloing with his hair blowing in the wind. I can certainly see the awesomeness of that idea and I can also vision it being conceived while sipping to Jagermeister (the band is quite fond of Jagermaister). If that’s how it went down I don’t know, but the plan went ahead.

– So, when test-running the scene, C.C. hang out of the van as planned, the wind blowing in his hair like in a shampoo commercial, shredding away – when suddenly he fell out, hit his head, and had to be rushed to the hospital. He ended up in a coma and life support, but luckily had a quick recovery, to the great relief of the rest of the band members. The video are now seeing national rotation in Canada – It’s definitely hard to be a Rock N’ Roller!

They are currently at home recording some new material, before getting ready to tour extensively in 2010. That means definitely Canada & they hope to add the US and Europe as well.

Check out the two tracks Free N’ Easy & Highway in our player, and if you like what you hear – grab yourself Free N’ Easy for FREE n’ easy -> HERE (Right click & choose Save As..)

Buy the album –Diemonds - In the Rough UK / Diemonds - In the Rough US / Amazon UK (MP3)

Diemonds on the web –  Myspace, Twitter & Facebook.


TNT (AC/DC cover) & HIGHWAY – Live


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