Hydrovibe – Nothing Left To Lose

With an interesting sound that comprises powerful vocals, infectious melodies and impressively well-written songs, Californian rockers Hydrovibe certainly have the capacity to become a major success in the not too distant future. Recent full-length Nothing Left To Lose is proof of the band’s talents; a thoroughly enjoyable array of imposing anthems of various styles, this record could potentially propel Hydrovibe into the consciousness of rock fans everywhere.

There are a number of ways in which Nothing Left To Lose is a triumph, but the area in which Hydrovibe perhaps excel to the greatest extent is songwriting. The fifteen tracks on display each contain remarkably catchy melodic hooks which are destined to remain in any listener’s head for considerable periods of time. The likes of the impassioned, well-structured Evil Side, as well as the glorious title track, are just two of the many examples of the supremely infectious nature of this album.

Furthermore, Hydrovibe must also be applauded for the diversity of the songs on Nothing Left To Lose. The balance between fast, adrenaline-fuelled anthems and more chilled, ballad-like offerings is plain for all to hear, but while the more steadily-paced tracks such as Liberate and Shallow Grave are undoubtedly very good, there is no question that Hydrovibe truly come into their own on the more pace-oriented songs. The Devil Comes Disguised as Friend, arguably the album’s best track, is the most effective representation of this. An extremely well-crafted combination of pace, precision and passion, this rather quirky piece of work will unquestionably become a firm favourite for many Hydrovibe fans.



One of the main strengths of Nothing Left To Lose, and indeed one key factor which sets Hydrovibe apart from many bands of a similar style, is the ability of vocalist Heather St Marie. It is impossible to deny that St Marie is a very talented singer, and her unique classic rock-infused vocal style adds an important dimension to Hydrovibe’s overall sound that other bands perhaps lack. She puts in a particularly impressive performance on opening track Fifteen Minutes, and this standard is maintained effortlessly throughout.

The vocalist is, however, backed by an equally formidable band, and the riffs of Mat Dauzat also stand out on a number of tracks. Many of Dauzat’s riffs are seemingly inspired by nu-metal, but the guitarist succeeds in making this style sound relevant, and when combined with the uncompromising rock ‘n’ roll nature of the overall sound of Hydrovibe, the result is a fascinating combination of styles which may not seem similar, yet blend together expertly. The fascinating riffs on Savior and Disconnect Me are ones to listen out for, as well as the southern rock-based styles of the irresistibly catchy Fame.

When listening to Nothing Left To Lose for the first time, it is apparent within an instant that Hydrovibe are onto a good thing, but upon closer analysis of the album, the potential extent of this band’s appeal seems to become increasingly widespread. Fans of a variety of subgenres of metal, straight-up rock ‘n’ roll, or even melodic pop music will enjoy Nothing Left To Lose, and it is this wide-ranging charm that will surely see Hydrovibe venture from strength to strength in years to come.

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2 Responses to “Hydrovibe – Nothing Left To Lose”

  1. Derek Baldwin 03/03/2011 at 9:04 pm

    I first heard Hydrovibe when they released their track Killer Inside for the Saw III soundtrack. I loved that movie and song and I love this band.

    About a week ago I downloaded their full length debut mainly because I was curious as to what these people were capable of and, let me tell you, best $15 of Itunes credit I’ve spent yet.

    Now I’m an UBER fan of the major label records from the heavy metal band Pantera and, once I lost track of Hydrovibe with Killer Inside, I thought nothing would tear me away from Pantera’s brand of metal.

    When I found this particular release, I wasn’t expecting anything out of it. I stopped listening to this album after the first song, eager to want to leave myself wanting more, but I had a taste of what was to come because I had already heard the title track and Contagious a while before. I still haven’t listened to any of the album besides Fifteen Minutes, the title track and Contagious but I know this much. Hydrovibe rules and, to all people who think otherwise, turn and run to the safety of Justin Beiber!!!!!!!


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