I Have Discovered – The Day Life. You Should Too!!

The Day Life
Indie / Rock
Boston/Philly, USA

The Day Life’s Autobighraphy * : “This space is normally reserved for a concise, vaguely detailed recollection of the events that led to the eventual formation of band “X.” Now, I can delve into the moderately entertaining story recounting the meeting of Mark and Alex and their eventual formation of The Day Life, or I can spice it up a little. 

I prefer spice. Old Bay seasoning to be specific. I have for you, and you alone, different versions of our tale of formation, each of which uniquely symbolizes the very essence of The Day Life.

Haiku Version:
A Small spider creeps.
Lonely soul lost between lines,
threads the needle, sews.

Dyslexic Version:
Plpoee tem dna setratd a rllaey seewt bnad taht uoy sluohd lkie.

Metaphorical Version:
My friend, the swift mule, fleet wild ass of the mountain, panther of the wilderness, after we joined together and went up into the mountain, fought the Bull of Heaven and killed it, and overwhelmed Humbaba, who lived in the Cedar Forest, now what is this sleep that has seized you?

In any case awesome music!! The band are currently offering free downloads of two of their EP’s,  “Pretty Fingers” & “Words“, which you can find on the band’s homepage.

The Band: Alex Markovitz (Vocal & Piano), Shane Halpern (Guitar), Will Hosey (a.k.a “Day Life Man” & Drums) & Dallas Hosey (Bass)

Hot picks on Myspace: Other Plans, Pretty Fingers & Chelsea (Revisited)


The Day Life on Myspace, Twitter & Homepage

* The Autobiography was taken from the band’s Myspace page


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