I Have Discovered – Document. You Should Too!!

Rock / Indie
New York, USA

The band: Jeff Rendano, Chris Curtin & Nick Derevjanik.

The three members of ‘Document’ flooded the downstairs of Valentines with a wall of sound that swooped and crashed together like an ocean sinking a life boat.

The singer/guitarists scratchy voice poured out over the riff rock in a similar style to Murder By Death, the kind of voice that made you question if he ate or smoked cigarettes. The drums start stop flow mirrored that of the guitar as they danced in a flutter of delay and super shifters forming a post punk feel reminiscent of pre-Domestica Cursive.

In an instant tribal drums sprint into action accompanied with an overdriven bass and a Mars Volta guitar solo that makes you watch the pedal board just as much as the neck work. Each time the sound explored to the edge of cohesiveness it was wrestled back by piercing vocals.” ~ Richard (B3nson Recording Company)

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Document on Myspace.

* If anyone knows any more about this band or know about any other (Document) band sites? Then let me know, either through a comment here, on Twitter or through Email. Cheers :)


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