I Have Discovered – Killcode. You Should Too!!

Rock / Metal
New York, USA

Chas Banellis (Guitar, backing vocals), Tom Morrissey (Vocals), Eric Bonesmith (Bass), Pat Harrington (Guitar) & Rob Noxious (Drums).

The five guys that make up Killcode didn’t have to rise from ashes or go through some spiritual quest to find themselves where they are today, it just happened.  

One of the things that was obvious from the start was the fact that the five guys had common musical ground but born from different genres and influences. It turns out those differences fueled the inspiration and helped create a heavy but melodic, dirty but polished, raw and emotional sound.

In early 2009, :::KILLCODE::: released their debut EP, “To Die For” and has since been blowing the roof off of every venue they come across. Now in 2010 they are ready to release another EP “Taking It All” and will continue to tour and create new music, bringing their unique style of raw, New York City bred, rock to the masses.

Hot picks on Myspace:  6 AM Again, L.I.T.A. & Something Better.

Devil Song (Live) (Medium audio quality)

Goes Down Easy (Live) (Medium audio quality)

Killcode on Myspace, Twitter, Facebook & ReverbNation.

* Info taken from the band’s Bio.


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