I Have Discovered – Quixote. You Should Too!!

Indie Rock
Boston, USA

The Band: Joe Stulpin (Vocals, Guitar), Anthony Valera (Guitar), Justin Demers (Bass) & Evan Murphy (Drums).

Massachusetts indie-rock band Quixote was born in 2007 out of a college recording project between members Evan Murphy (drums) and Joe Stulpin (vocals/guitar).

Since conception, the band has shuffled through various lineup changed before finding the perfect fit with Anthony Valera (lead guitar), and Justin Demers (bass). Tactfully incorporating simplistic rhythms and hallowed, organic instrumentation, Quixote’s self-titled debut album, self-released on June 14, 2009, is an array of diverse styles that cohesively mold together creating an album craftily flowing between epic highs and mellowed dips.

Hot Picks on Myspace: Hubris, Annunaki & Wide Awake Half Alive.

If you like what you hear, then you can listen to & download (at your own set price: $0 -> Sky is the limit) an 8 track Live session of the band. It’s called the The Flophouse Sessions and is available through Bandcamp.com – Listen and Download below.

Quixote on Myspace, Twitter, Facebook & Homepage.

* Info taken from the band’s Bio.


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