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Taylor Hollingsworth
Blues / Rock / Folk
Alabama, USA

* “With the benefit of hindsight it sometimes appears as if all roads lead home. For Taylor Hollingsworth, the journey started back in the state of his birth, Alabama. As a talented youth he was the hired gun in a litany of touring bands, lending his guitar to hundreds of songs that had nothing to do with him as a songwriter. But, like unabashed talent usually does, Hollingsworth’s creative drive drove him to undertake the process of creating his own songs.

For years Hollingsworth penned brash, rhythmic rock tunes which he beat out of his electric guitar with all of the beautiful subtleties of a thresher. Though accolades poured in for his blistering guitar, Hollingsworth still felt as if he hadn’t quite put his thumb on the musical expression of himself. When Hollingsworth journeyed to Tepoztlan, Mexico it was to decompress. However, within a week he was performing on the first self-titled Conor Oberst record.

Those performances led to an invitation to join the Mystic Valley Band and contribute songs to the “Outer South” record. From there, Hollingsworth toured the globe, traveling far and near and somehow, finally, finding the roots that were there waiting for him all along. Perhaps it was those long drives on the road and the need to pick up and move that inspired Hollingsworth to strip down his music to the simplest of components: acoustic guitar and vocals with minimal accompaniment.

Whatever the reason, Hollingsworth soon wrote and recorded “Life With a Slow Ear,” a beautiful and ragged record that plays like the words on a page of a great Southern novel read. “Life With a Slow Ear” sounds like a dusty desert and the honest and direct lyrics feel like an old pair of leather boots. Like the best blues and folk singers, Hollingsworth’s music now, finally, just sounds like home.”

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