I Have Discovered – White Witch Canyon. You Should Too!!

White Witch Canyon
Stoner Rock / Heavy Rock
California, USA

Eric ‘Lando’ Hagen (Vocals, Guitar), Tim Narducci (Vocals, Drums) & Aaron Leigh (Bass)

Ex-Greenhouse Effect singer/guitarist Eric “Lando” Hagen formed White Witch Canyon in ’07 and released their self-titled debut in ’08. The band takes its name from the legend of the White Witch from Niles Canyon in Fremont, (Niles) CA.

From the way the stun-guitar of “The Witch” kicks in, it doesn’t leave much doubt that White Witch Canyon are anything but unexpurgated Stoner Rock. There’s no “Post” anything here – it’s overloaded low-end, pedal-powered distortion in both riff and solo and Lando waxing prolific on getting high with witches, androids and broke-down starships. It’s no-think heavy rock n’ roll that doesn’t pretend to be anything else.

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White Witch Canyon on Myspace & Homepage.

* Info taken from the band’s Bio.


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  1. Oh Yeah, this is definitely my new favorite band… AWESOME !!!

    “Chris The Riff”