I Have Discovered – Wolf People. You Should Too!!

Wolf People
Prog. / Blues / FolkRock
London, UK

Wolf People are the first UK band to get picked up by JagJaguwar (The label), their debut album “Tidings” are due on 02-23-2010.

I’m going to let JagJaguwar themselves describe the sound:

..an alchemistic compendium of English classic rock that has been doused in wine, its pages left red-stained, blurred and melded in the most interesting ways.

Stitched together in a style reminiscent of Faust or early Mothers Of Invention, the songs lay nestled in snatches of field recordings, winding tapes, squealing feedback, studio outtakes and the voices of dead relatives. The tunes themselves are full of hissing guitars, distorted blues harmonica, acid rock, mystical flutes and crackling tape, often based on updated versions of classic blues structures and half-remembered English folk songs.

Think Captain Beefheart, think Jethro Tull & his flute, think Awesome music!!

The Band: Jack Sharp – Guitar & Vocals, Joe Hollick – Guitar, Tom Watt – Drums & Daniel Davies – Bass

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FREE Download of Wolf People – October Fires, HERE. (Right click & choose Save As..)



Wolf People on Myspace & Facebook.


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