Japandroids “Post-Nothing”

This is a fairly new album from a band getting their break through pitchfork, that being said, some readers are aware that this means earning hype. Hype being the “eating out tonight” on another person’s expense.

But music is what these two guys from Canada play:

And they play it as if you were missing out on the first two songs of their album “post-nothing”.
What I`m trying to formulate is that this album right from the start feels like it doesn`t have a start, it puts you on top right away. Being a garage-band with two musicians, this is a clever way of getting good energy from the listener. No fillers allowed.

A few questions could be asked from the very beginning. Being a garage band and all.
Are they like the White Stripes or are they more like themselves?
They are nothing like the White Stripes. They play music as if they were playing for a smaller, more compact crowd.

Even if they may be in a genre where the rules get`s played by every band in the genre, I have a taste for “post-nothing” even if that shows my lack of timing.
And by that, timing is my long since gone taste for a good time.
It is a good time with Japandroids, singing about drinking for a good buzz and not worrying about dying.
This suits the album just fine, since there are no occasional breather in the mix.

5post-nothing-cover-300x300Playing good garage-rock is like going for the itch. And Jpdrds with their “post-nothing” plays the garage-rock in a vital way. Luckily they do that by having the good will of leaving the continuance of the genre to the next act on the way. Might it even be so that we are here talking about their next album.

The Japandroids does not play droid music, the lack of J-rock is surprising, and you can only say one thing after a couple of tries. They sound Canadian every part of the way. No furious guitar telling you to go away, but a try at capturing the parts where Sonic Youth sent you to the far edges of hype. Good deal Japandroids, filling out yours and getting your approval on this one. It is a postcard from Canada with a light bruise of a stamp.


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