Jay Reatard – “Watch Me Fall”

Can he play with madness? Jay really tries. It is upbeat, playful and low on oxygen this album.
To people who know Jay, they know this is a man ahead of his time. His time is now.
If there ever was a good thing to follow grunge, this man is a flag bearer.
This man has gone in the right direction (!) with teenage angst being dull.
The hectic playfulness can make seven days a week, wrapped up and given to you as something meaningful.
It is with like the world is a stage and the play is named me, myselves and stuff.

This is a self-centered album, not too much of the outgoing Jay here but at least his sounds are happy.
It is a bold one also, not looking over his shoulders while whining out his lyrics. Well done, it is good to hear you are not looking for someone to blame for all this angst, Jay. It is not so much the meaning of feeling terrible that comes out here, but the fear of having to make it alone.
Or even more so, having made it alone so far, so let me keep going.

The sounds are positive, the lyrics negative. It can`t be made much fun of this way.
This is done well by Jay, he does not get smokey while being a cynic. They punch a lot with you, with the music.

jay-reatard-watch-me-fallI can also say that I only wish Placebo ever were this good, this personal, without intruding on anything or sounding like they want to take over a part of your life.
This is a lot more punk than trying to do that. He even sound a bit punk from time to time, even if I don`t know if this is his will. Whatever post-punk grunge could breed, this is the closest I have come to it to this date. Pixies being a nice band to compare Jay Reatard with, Jay is a more introvert musician. Pixies are touring USA with Jay Reatard these days.

It`s hard to say who this man is trying to reach, at least since he is not kicking shit in anyone’s
direction. It is no apparent genre or anything like that that makes this man angry on this record.
The Pixies sound angry compared to this man. Jay is just stubborn and kind of depressed.
Clearly this man is influenced by grunge, not taking a stand against anything, but trying to keep that to himself, while at the same time trying to sing.

There is some darkness here even this is an uplifting record. If this man refuses to turn in his prescriptions or never felt the need for them, I don`t know. But the stubbornness is to feel and wear on this record.
Picture the Foo Fighters take on Alice in Chains covers. It should not work. Jay Reatard kind of makes it.


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