Joe Gideon and the shark – “Harum Scarum”

This album is their debut album, and apart from an EP, the only release from J.G and The shark.
Inspired on the road of becoming what they are, it seems.

Coming across this duo is not a mistake, if you are into the likes of The Black Keys and Dan Sartain, you could find this review useful in continued exploration into the dirty blues-rock scene.
This is octane for a listener, in the form of music.

I can`t help, when it comes to the vocals, to give you: The voice of Joe Gideon. Or is that David Bowie?
It could be his lost lyric book bought on Amazon we are hearing, because there are some of his sweet dreams of America in these lyrics. If you ever heard that song by Bowie “five years”, I sort of get the feeling that we follow these siblings through those five last years of living, in a Bowie-esque road trip. A portrait here and there, with the right sense of introduction to the person he is writing his music about.

joe-gideonWhat Gideon has to say about his own lyrics makes it a lot easier to get ensnared by his voice, “I think I really found my feet as a songwriter.”
The music makes funny drama in the scenery of this lyrical drive out to pick up “Johan, a painter and an arsonist” and “Kathy Ray”, both songs on “Harum Scarum”.

“Kathy Ray” brings me a sharper take on the music of Band of horses, and makes for the slow midsection of the album. A good release after the eclectic “DOL”.

What pleases me the most is the variation in the album, it does not get tedious and they do not
get stuck in a certain track. They get kind of weird, sweet, quirky and have a dramatic sense of humour, helping them to vary. But to make them give themselves justice, they have their role models grounded in the song “The refrain” by Einsturzende Neubauten

To sum up a short review, this album is a heap of fun. It sounds like a dozen originals and is a strong debut from Joe Gideon and The shark.

Joe Gideon and his sister Viva are currently touring Europe, should be calling for a good night out.
Playing London, where they come from, 16th December.


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