“This is music for the sake of music!”

Welcome to the world of Longstay – A melting soundscape of americana, blues-ridden guitar licks, harmonies, folkishness, rockability and other imaginary words that aren’t real but sound cool.

We’ve got three songs streaming and a mysterious maze, so come on in and get to know Longstay!

SoR30;who are Longstay?

There is no glamorous behind the scenes story here. They were not raised by wolves, they don’t have famous friends on TV, they have never done drugs with hookers or even stayed up past midnight. You may or may not know that they have been alternately paid in beer for a show, used student loans to press an EP that took 1.5 years to complete (due to obvious monetary reasons) or that the lead guitarist goes to bed at 9:30 every night.

LongstayYou may not care that their tours involve shirtless “dad-wrestling” and may or may not include the same instrumentation as the night prior (or functioning instruments for that matter). Longstay is just a nomadic band embedding the soulful passion of the 60’s that is best embodied by acknowledging their debt to The Band for writing “The Weight” or to Bob Dylan for selling out or in their slow burning story of an unfaithful husband in “I Swore That Off Before” that hangs like a thundercloud in a Western sky.

Hailing from San Diego and beginning in 2007, members include (but are not limited to) Nik Ewing, Jordan Groth, Josh Dunn and Kyle Rosa. Their first EP, Houses & Homes, was released in December 2009 at San Diego legendary venue, Casbah. Even the Longstay orchestra lends its services to Homes & Houses, pulling a string section and a few horns, and even recruiting some drunks for choir detail.

Having opened for the likes of Delta Spirit, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson and Castledoor and fresh off of completing a residency at Beauty Bar, the future is bright and it belongs to the underground, indie noises that are filling our local venues with newer, more unbridled sounds. Longstay will continue to make music that brings the masses together because they love music and they love good company. This is music for the sake of music!

There is a piece of us all in the heart of Longstay, as they sing, “we love, we steal, we don’t call back, we hope and we wish.” Amen.

But wait, “Where is the mysterious maze?”, you say. Well, as promised, here it is -> Thathouseisnotahome.com <- Complimentary to Homes & Houses, is this maze website of sorts that takes it’s name from the anthem of Longstay’s debut EP. Like most mazes and puzzles, it would not be fair to elaborate or tell all the secrets (but it is full of downloadable treasures), so let’s go get lost together. And please tell us what you find, but not how ;)

Longstay StudioAmazon UK | iTunes US

Upcoming Shows:

21 apr 2010 21:00 Beauty Bar – San Diego, California
07 mai 2010 20:00 Ruby Room – San Diego, California

Longstay on Myspace, Facebook & Homepage.


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  1. Get Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis to produce you and I think you kids could be superstars!