Music Monday Band Recommendations – 19th October 2009

Band recommendations on Music Monday is back, on the website and Twitter!

Two weeks ago I posted to Twitter and I had the information for the website prepared; something came up, I couldn’t find the file later so you missed out on the chance to read short bio about the band and where to obtain their music.

Last week I neglected the process, but being my birthday, I hope that will get me off the hook.

Please note that the bio you read for each band is taken from the band, this is so that you receive the most accurate information.

This week I am back and keeping it simple and easy with 5 bands!

Band 1

Band: JP Corwyn
Check out the album: In Plain Sight
Purchase Album: Amazon UK (MP3) / JP Corwyn - In Plain Sight - Waste My Time UK / JP Corwyn - In Plain Sight - Find Myself US

Legally blind since birth, JP Corwyn has had to overcome a major obstacle to make his name known but when you have a talent as strong as JP Corwyn, you have to share it with the world.

JP Corwyn crafts a distinct blend of rock, drawing from fists-up, pureblood rock and roll, pop, alternative and contemporary flavours, wowing listeners with a sound that is both distinct and accessible. Song writing is clearly a priority with Corwyn and performances never fail to deliver the requisite energy.

Band 2

Band: Dead By Sunrise
Check out the album: Out of Ashes
Purchase Album: Amazon UK (CD) / Amazon UK (MP3) / Dead By Sunrise - Out of Ashes UK / Dead By Sunrise - Out of Ashes US

Alternative rock band Dead by Sunrise, are the side project of Chester Bennington (Linkin Park vocalist).

The band formed in 2005, originally under the name Snow White Tan and they have been slowly but surely building up to the release of their debut album “Out of Ashes”.

Bennington has stated that the band started to form when he was in the writing process for Linkin Park’s third studio album Minutes to Midnight (released 2007), when songs he had written didn’t fit the style of Linkin Park, they were “darker and moodier than anything I’d come up with for the band”.

In 2008 Dead by Sunrise performed their first life songs at Club Tattoos anniversary party, but have since been on tour with Linkin Park, going live during breaks in Linkin Parks set, performing several songs and then going off stage.

Band 3

Band: Mammal
Check out the album: The Majority
Purchase Album: Amazon UK (CD) / Amazon UK (MP3) / Mammal - The Majority UK / Mammal - The Majority US

A visceral alloy of prog, punk and raw rock, Mammal are forward-thinking and forward moving. This is a band that is seriously going places, and fast.

Livewire four-piece Mammal are already taking Australian stages like a hot-blooded revolution. And for all the right reasons. In an industry typified by manufactured hype, management nepotism and the transparent agendas of major labels, Mammal are a rarity. Independent, loud and proud, and making a big noise via word-of mouth alone.

Australian rockers Mammal started out in March 2006 and soon began playing shows as quick as possible. Audiences quickly started to follow the band due to their sound and performances, which led to their first EP only a matter of months after forming.

The band continued to tour and released their first album, a live album in 2007.
Their debut studio release came in 2008 with the album The Majority and since, the band has released a second live album with DVD in 2009.

Band 4

Band: Heaven Below
Check out the album: Countdown to Devil
Purchase Album: Amazon UK (MP3) / Heaven Below - Countdown to Devil UK / Heaven Below - Countdown to Devil US

Heaven Below is an American Hard rock group formed in 2007.

The band consists of former Union Underground guitarist Patrick Kennison, session drummer Chad Clark, guitarist Jesse Billson and bassist John Younger.

The band released their first album in March 2009 which reached number 1 on TradeBit and number 15 on Amazons New Releases chart.

Heaven Below completed their first tour in 2009 which included a live performance on FOX TV.

Band 5

Band: Toehider
Check out the EP: Children of the Sun
Download free EP: Children of the Sun

Like Mammal, I discovered Toehider thanks to Twitter user Kristin Moore (Twitter) and with such an unique idea with great music, I had no other choice to feature.

Toehider plans to release 12 EPs in 12 months (May 2009 to April 2010), each with 6 tracks giving you an overall compilation of 72 songs. Each EP is priced at $6 AUD, but if they are unable to produce an album in time for 12th of each month, you can download it for free!

The true versatility is shown in Michael Mills’ Toehider project with the themes and style changes to each EP as they progress to that milestone in the future!


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