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Band 1

Band: Underwhelmed
Album to check out: Reveal

Underwhelmed are a band hailing from New York; boasting a live show reminiscent of The Doors meets early Pearl Jam, Underwhelmed has re-established the essence of the true rock show. Visually exciting, musically aggressive and vocally charismatic – the band delivers a relentless and passionate performance that grips audiences and leaves them wanting more.

Underwhelmed began in 1998, when singer Chris Amplo auditioned for twin brothers Mike Russo (bass) and Chris Russo (drums). Instantly, the Underwhelmed sound was born. After a chance meeting at the legendary CBGB, longtime friend of Amplo, guitarist Paul Boyle joined the trio and completed the song writing line-up. The final piece of the puzzle was placed in September 2003, with the addition of lead guitarist Mike Armstrong. The relationships among the Band members are as solid as the music. “We’re all best friends who share the same passion and vision,” Amplo adds.

But make no mistake – this success didn’t come easy. Underwhelmed paid its dues moving up the ranks of the tough New York music scene. “Our belief is that whether there’s 4 or 4000 people in the audience, we rock,” comments lead singer Chris Amplo. “Audiences expect to be entertained and they deserve to get their money’s worth – we strive to give them even more.” Amplo continues, “I think our belief in the importance of the live show and the fact that we love meeting and talking to people has been a key to our success.”

Band 2

Band: Solstate
Album to check out: Whispers & Tremors

Solstate is a New Zealand (Auckland) based rock band formed around the talents of vocalist/guitarist Troy McKubre. When Troy connected with award winning producer Chris van de Geer (Stellar*, Carly Binding, Tim Finn, Revolver etc) a studio based recording project began, enabling a more modern approach to rock/metal by bringing industrial and electronic elements into the tracks.

The first song released to radio was “Alright Now” which reached 7 in the NZ Rock Radio Charts, a fantastic first up success. This and several of Solstate’s other tracks have also grabbed the attention of super producer Ben Grosse (Marilyn Manson, Filter, Breaking Benjamin, 30 Seconds to Mars, Sevendust)

Solstate has evolved since late 2006 into a fully-fledged band. Troy enlisted Dave Clarke (drums) and Dan Insley (bass) plus Zorran Mendonza and Darren Crowe (guitars) to help him transform the album to the live arena and the band have recently been announced in the lineup for the 2008 Big Day Out.

In November 2007 Solstate were awarded a Phase Four album grant from NZ On Air, their debut album is due for release mid 2008 and the band currently have record deals in negotiation in New Zealand, Australia and the States.

Band 3

Band: Downstream
Album to check out: Darkest Hour

Downstream is a 5 piece rock band with original material from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Since 2004, this band has continued to impress club and bar owners with their energetic music, live shows and always leave their fans wanting more.

These creative driven musicians are a favourite in local music circles. They have played hundreds of shows across the southeast region and have opened for such national acts as Shinedown, Candlebox, 12 Stones, Days of the New, Neurosonic and many others.

In July 2007, they released their debut album titled ‘Forsaken’. To date, this album has sold thousands of copies and continues to sell with great success.
In March 2009, they released their sophomore album titled ‘Darkest Hour’ which 2 songs titled “What You’ve Become” & “Replaced” were chosen for the movie soundtrack ‘Thick As Thieves’ produced by Brigand Pictures.

Downstream has always been very active on the internet, streaming live concerts, music and making just about everything they’ve done available for download somewhere. There are several videos on and featuring Downstream.

Downstream is currently touring shows across the United States while in the studio recording their third album.

Band 4

Band: The Narrow
Album to check out: Travellers

The Narrow began in 2002, as a reaction against musical mediocrity and to create a unique and original sound, an idea spawned by Emile (Guitars), Jow (Bass Guitar), Sid (Guitars) and Lias (Drummer). Lacking a vocalist at this stage it made sense to bring in the versatile vocal talents of Hanu to bring his touch being able to sing in a smooth and melodic way and to go hard and heavy when need be, it was this versatility the band was looking for.

Since forming The Narrow, the band very quickly developed their own sound and identity whilst retaining the best elements of their roots. The band received massive support for their debut Self Conscious, which spawned no fewer than 4 chart topping singles all over South Africa! The album was voted best rock album and was nominated for a SAMA (South African Music Award). Due to the popularity of ‘Self Conscious’,The Narrow decided to give the album a face lift in September 2005, it made sense to include tracks that were initially left off the first release.

Band 5

Band: Parmalee
Album to check out: Inside

For Greenville, NC based Parmalee, endless hours behind their instruments, shameless self promotion, and an “all or nothing” attitude are just a few attributes that helped bring this family of musicians from the obscurities of a small southern town. They now share the stage with multi-platinum acts such as Velvet Revolver, Puddle of Mudd, Chevelle, and Breaking Benjamin . Parmalee’s music supplies vicious riffs with unforgettable melodies, bridging a hybrid sound from killer 70’s and 80’s anthemic rock to today’s no holds barred, garagy sounds with unforgettable sing along melodies.

Parmalee consist of four guys who came together in late 2001 with one thing in mind…to write and play their brand of guitar driven rock music to anyone who would listen. Their sound quickly formed into it’s own, as singer Matt Thomas’ distinctive vocal sound took the forefront. Realizing that they complimented each others singing, Guitarist Josh McSwain and Bassist Barry Knox quickly found ways to compliment Matt’s vocals, inciting the creation of Parmalee’s trademark three-part harmonies and “Big” Choruses. With the vocals covered, the guys now looked to their instruments to complete the equation. Josh’s vicious riffs accompanied by Matt’s rhythmic phrasing proved to be what the band needed for their dual guitar attack, while the rhythm section was quickly cemented by drummer Scott Thomas and bassist Barry Knox’s ability to tap into each other’s playing styles.Over a year of time spent on the road and in the studio further sharpened Parmalee’s musical abilities, resulting in a dedicated following in the process. Their first release, the EP Daylight, introduced fans to Parmalee’s straight-forward sound and emotionally charged three-part vocal harmonies, provoking fans to snatch up over 3000 copies of the EP at live shows and through the band’s website. The success of these shows caught the attention of noted producer David Bendeth (RCA, Elvis Presley Remasters, Vertical Horizon, Breaking Benjamin, SR-71) who invited Parmalee to record three songs at Water Music Studios in Hoboken, NJ. These three songs led to a publishing deal with Los Angeles based Windswept Publishing and another invitation from Bendeth to record the remainder of the songs that comprise their debut, full-length album Inside.

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