Music Monday Band Recommendations – 4th January 2010

It is the first Monday of 2010 and we are here with our Music Monday recommendations and our playlist which will come slightly later.

Hope you come across one or two or all five that you like.

Band 1

Band: Saybia
Album to check out: Eyes On The Highway
Website / MySpace

Saybia is a Danish rock band that formed in Nyborg in 1993. They released three EPs before signing to EMI in the spring of 2001, after which they started working on their debut album The Second You Sleep. When this album was finished, the band started touring through Europe. In 2003, the band was about to break up. After recognizing this, the five band members bought an old house on a Swedish island, renovated it and turned it into a studio. Saybia spent months on this island and wrote and recorded a lot of songs for These Are the Days, which was released in 2004.

In 2007 they performed “Eyes on the highway” with their new album on studio with the first single “Angel” recorded in their own place first time for months.

The most recent release from the band is Eyes on The Highway

Band 2

Band: Broken Veil
Album to check out: Finding The Lost

Broken Veil started 9 years ago in a garage in Southern California with Rich Simmons and Ryan Hill paying homage to their rock influences by starting their own rock band. After countless iterations and members, Broken Veil has evolved over the years into its current state. After adding grinding bass player Kevin Hebeler and powerful vocalist Jeremy Hungerford the band has set its sights on dominating the local music scene. With their upcoming CD Finding the Lost Broken Veil looks to take the Southern California music scene by storm, with their crunchy guitar riffs and smooth rhythmic drumming, they look to make their mark on the big stage. (bio written by

Band 3

Band: Bowel Function
Album to check out: Luxury Of A Doubt

‘Bowel Function’ is a Heavy Rock Band from Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany which consists of Alex (Vocals, Rythmguitar), Tommy (Drums, Vocals), Lucas (Leadguitar, Vocals) and Boris (Bass, Vocals). They rock the south of germany since 1999.

They performed at ZMF (Zelt-Musik-Festival) and various procreation competitions and local Open-Air gigs.

Band 4

Band: At Times of Madness
Album to check out: At Times of Madness

At Times Of Madness – Calling Kelowna, BC, home; these four dirtbags came together in August of 2007 as the bastard spawn of several other Okanagan metal/punk/stoner rock bands. Growing up in different parts of the Valley, they watched the various scenes expand and collapse around them, walking through a sea of lifeless corpses comprised of trendy flash in the pan “music” projects.
Dedicated to keeping their sound fresh, aggressive, epic, intelligent, progressive and spastic, they continue their conquest to destroy the province and spread the disease eastward…and eventually to a global infection. From moments of grindcore chaos to sweeping, epic movements, ATOM has a little to offer everyone.

Band 5

Band: Headstone
Album to check out: N/A – The band have an early demo titled “Lay To Rest” but I recently came across them and felt they were worth being mentioned
Website / MySpace

Among Top 10 against 140 other bands in Bandit Unsigned competition Sweden region mid with the song “One” from the demo “Lay To Rest” which was released in the summer of 2008 (produced by Dino Medanhodzic).1:st place on a Top 30 weekly competition on, Sweden’s biggest artist/musician site. Over 400 listeners within the first hour ( record) after release of the song “Fallen Angel” on This far, Headstone has performed with artists such as Carnal Forge, Hardcore Superstar, Steel Attack, The Poodles and others. Music video of the song “Fragile” has just been released and can be viewed at the website. With the ambition to create something new, yet stone pounding and not compromising where the wardrobe is put – combining aggressive growl with hitting clean melodies from two singers along with some real catchy guitar work, this band is surely nothing you want to miss. With aim set for the top, HEADSTONE is a band you’ll hear more about in the future.

Note: All information written is supplied by sources to the band unless noted. We do this to give you the feel for a band before you listen and give you the most accurate information possible.


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