Music Monday Band Recommendations – 8th February 2010

Music Monday is upon us and always we start as always with our recommendations.

5 bands as always for you to sit back and check out.

Band 1

Band: Channel Zero
Album to check out: Unsafe
Website / MySpace

Franky, Xavier, Tino and Phil formed Channel Zero in Brussels in late 1990. The name of the band was inspired by the Public Enemy track ‘She watched Channel Zero’. A German label, Shark Records, quickly snapped up the young band and their self-titled debut hit the stores in 1992.

Over the years the band released album after album as they got their break in 1995 which saw them tour the world with Megadeth, Danzig, Biohazard and more. After many festival shows the band headlined an Australian tour.

In 1997 the band would write and release their last studio album as the broke up in the same year but in 2010, the band is back with a bang.

20 Years after their establishment and with 5 albums to choose from, singer Franky DSVD, drumming force Phil B and bassist Tino De Martino shall surely shake the AB to its foundations. Original guitarist Xavier Carion won’t be taking part, due to a traumatized ear, but will be replaced by impressive international Mikey Doling (ex-Soulfly).

Band 2

Band: Eradication
EP to check out: Extinction is Inbound

Having already taken on the likes of Devil Sold His Soul, Ingested and U.S. metal giants All Shall Perish on the stage since forming in 2009, Eradication haven’t wasted a second in showing us exactly what they’re capable of.

Specifying the band’s sound into one or even a handful of genres isn’t an easy task, but the curious yet accurate; Death-tinged Melodic Thrash Metal is as close as one can get to define the bands own take on a selection of the most vicious elements of the metal sub-genres.

Debut EP ‘Extinction Is Inbound’ is a mouth-watering taste of fresh blood from the Essex 5-piece and armed with a brutal formula of riff, shred, chug, blast, growl, Eradication are set to tear through anything and everything in sight over 2010 without a glance over their shoulders or a shred of remorse for what lays in their wake.

Band 3

Band: Deviniance
EP to check out: Samsara
Website / MySpace

Deviniance is a 5-piece band with 2 vocalists/guitarists, a drummer, a bass player and a syntheziser from the small city Nyköping, Sweden. With a mixture of pure sludge, post-rock, progressive metal they bring a anxial sound. The band is one year old and hungry for gigs everywhere and anyhow.

Band 4

Band: Touching The Absolute
Album to check out: The Spirit of Living

In December 2007 Mike Anglin and Nick Ray were introduced to one another, both well known throughout New Orleans from previous musical acts. Luke Lucero was brought on board full throttle soon after as Mike quickly recruited another known talent in the city, Jody Linnell.

These four guys, sharing the same ambition and passion, were on the move and ready to hit things off in just one short month. Since February 2008, it’s been nonstop… playing in endless amounts of shows ranging across the Southern US, a live in-studio performance on 97.9 WCPR, recording a demo, opening shows for several national artists, releasing their first E.P. “Affectus”, and introducing their very first full length album “The Spirit of Living”.

Their musical inspirations and individual sounds set them apart and in a category of their own. This group constantly exhibits full aspirations of making it all the way; taking it one day at a time, their reputation has sky rocketed!

“Our fan base took off immediately and we appreciate all the support during this busy time!” “We consider ourselves blessed to have found one another to experience this great opportunity in life as we continue to move forward on this journey together.

Band 5

Band: Corroded
Album to check out: 11 Shades Of Black
Website / MySpace

Corroded started out in 2004 and after a couple of jam sessions the pieces of the jigsaw started to show a picture, it was dark, it was heavy, it was angry and it looked good. It was soon clear that the path of the band would be in the heritage of the heavy rock acts of the 70..s with additional layers of a more modern sound. Corroded has established themselves as a force of nature when it comes to performing live with a vast track-record of successful gigs under their belt, including a U.K.tour. Late 2008 the fruitful collaboration with platiumproducer Patrik Frisk started out with the heavy rotated first single “Time and Again” as the first result. The debut album “Eleven Shades of Black” entered the Swedish chart with a 2 spot on the very first week and with written reviews equivalent to standing ovations, you can tell that Corroded is going places.

The characteristic of the band is the heavy yet melodic three-part guitar work combined with a suggestive and tight rhythm section and of course the unmistakable razorblade sharp voice of Jens Westin.

In late 2009 national TV station TV4 handpicked “Time and Again” to accompany the promotion of their blockbuster show “Expedition Robinson” internationally known as “Survivor”.
This story has just begun, the band is still Corroded.


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