Music Monday Band Recommendations – 8th March 2010

It’s been a couple of weeks since I brought some recommendations to you.

This week’s recommendations will suit fans of modern/alternative rock, hope you enjoy.

Band 1

Band: Exit The Ride
Website / MySpace

Together singer/songwriter Sam Stone, guitar virtuoso Bill Peck, bassist Ryan Salamone and drummer Billy Jones are EXIT THE RIDE.

The hard hitting, band from Orlando Florida, produced by Brett Hestla of Creed & Dark New Day fame, delivers a collection of driving rock anthems worthy of fists and lighters in the air!

Get ready for the RIDER30;

Band 2

Band: June Halo
Website / MySpace

June Halo is an original outfit born from the Dallas Fort Worth music scene.

Their first EP, which was recorded with now departed vocalist Dwayne Hedges, was acclaimed as “one of the strongest releases” in Dallas for 2007.
June Halo could be classified as modern rock, or “hard rock”, but there are elements to their writing that sets their sound apart from the masses.

The main song writing core of Brent Dodson (guitars), Troy Gustin (drums) and Keith Westheimer (bass) continues and with Edgewater vocalist, Matt Moseman, the band went on to release a new EP in 2009.

Band 3

Band: American Radio
Website / MySpace

Based in San Francisco, American Radio is a young Rock Band with songs that will touch your soul and excite your emotions. It all started recording a five song E.P. at Chad Kroeger’s (Nickelback) Mountain View Studio. With new songs, and a new look, American Radio is poised to take the industry by storm. If you love live entertainment, their captivating, high-energy, stage show is only rivalled by their immense musical talent!

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, American Radio front man Brodie Stewart found his love for singing and talent from his Grammy Award winning Grandfather Bud DiSilva. Even after reaching succes as a Songwriter/Producer for Interscope Records, Brodie began writing songs of his own and putting a band together. Since then, Brodie has entered the hearts and minds of listeners often telling stories of falling in and out of love and the struggles that come in life. Brodie is an entertainer with the personal touch, showmanship, and vocal ability to match the best singers of our time. His positive vibe and energy transcend, and are feverishly matched by the rest of the band.

Lead Guitarist Matthew Grace intertwines signature, guitar melodies with Rhythm Guitarist Brandon Bates’ powerful, rock riffs. Bassist Dave Demby and Drummer Ryan Eula combine solid, moving bass lines, with groove-oriented, hard-hitting rock drums. American Radio provides rock songs in the their purest form, demanding the listeners’ attention and forming a sound fit for arenas. With standout tracks, positive lyrics, and an uncompromising live show, don’t be surprised to find American Radio at the top of the Rock Charts.

Band 4

Band: H Is Orange
Website / MySpace

Originally formed in 2001, the group drew immediate attention to itself as the band to watch after only a few gigs in and around their native Los Angeles. H is Orange, the mysterious and frequently misunderstood band name, sprung from a condition lead singer Sam Nelson has and holds as his first memory– he sees words and letters in color. For the band, the name has to do with always looking at things from a different perspective and in a new way.

The LA-based rock band is best known for their relentlessly powerful live shows and compelling sound. With comparisons to acts like A Perfect Circle, Breaking Benjamin and 30 Seconds To Mars, H is Orange balances energy with unique melodies to get crowds on their feet.

Band 5

Band: SafetySuit
Website / MySpace

Anything—and everything—about SAFETYSUIT can be summed up by the band’s name.

“I think the key word is ‘safety,’” explains singer/guitarist Doug Brown. “The four of us in the band have been friends forever. We feel comfortable around each other. We’re in a safe environment…and that makes us feel free to be who we are. And, if we can inspire that moment or that feeling in our fans, we’ve succeeded.”

Which begins the story of SAFETYSUIT, an extraordinarily talented, musically confident young band that does, in fact, inspire. Their songs capture the grandeur and depth of U2, with an imaginative pop sensibility at its core and a dizzying wall of guitars as its backdrop. “It’s not rocket science,” says Brown. “Quintessential good melody and good lyrics, that’s what makes a song.”

Note: The information found here is written by the band or by sources close to the band. For more details and more information and a fully bio, click on the links provided.


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