Music Monday Recommendations – 11th January 2009

Music Monday recommendations are here again and we have five new bands to bring you this week that we hope you will enjoy.

Band 1

Band: The Vital Side
Album to check out: Doppelgänger

Forming in the spring of 2008 The Vital Side became an answer to their calls. Comprised of a diverse set of players with influences ranging from pop/rock to punk/metal T.V.S. has managed to reinvent themselves using everything in the arsenal, doing so tastefully and with absolute conviction. The result? Memorable, ultra-melodic songs that showcase both high gain explosions and dark, haunting ambience.

The Vital Side had a short break but reunited at the end of 2009 to rock once again.

Band 2

Band: Copperview
Album to check out: Karma

Saint Louis is city with a countless number of 20-somethings who share one dream – to make it in the land of rock and roll stardom. For every band that sinks, there’s two more waiting in the wings. It’s relatively simple to put four or five people together in a room, give them varying instruments and tell them to give it all they’ve got.
Each band mate of Copperview is a former member of a touring band from Missouri. Toby Picker (lead guitar) was formally of Six by Silver, Jeremy Patterson (drums) and David Kopp (bass) were previously the rhythm section of gunderson, and Samuel Baker (vocals) was the front man of Morning After. Combined, the members of Copperview have spent more than twenty years on stage – and it shows.

Copperview’s music is versatile enough to become popular/acceptable to the mainstream, without being shallow or “pop”-y. They’re not out to achieve MTV status or to become the next teeny-bopper-worshipped band. Copperview is here to ROCK. Their songs are infectious, with a catchy bassline, great drums/rhythm, guitars that shred the freaky nar-nar, and in-your-face style + lyrics. You will find yourself wanting to sing along, except that you don’t know the words – yet.

Band 3

Band: The Crave
Album to check out: Anywhere To Everywhere

2009 alone The Crave have toured the UK and Europe with the likes of Shinedown, Buckcherry, Hinder, Theory Of A Deadman, Hot Leg Deep Purple playing the kind of stages this band belong. The past 3 years have seen The Crave complete 3 tours of the US including shows at the Harley Davidson 105th Anniversary alongside Bruce Springsteen and the Foo Fighters, the Brit Bus tour which took them 5000 miles across the country on an English double decker bus and a headlining show at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel Casino on Halloween night.

Undeterred by the music industry’s obsession with all things ‘indie’, The Crave decided to record tracks for their debut ‘High’ EP in Brighton. Mark Flannery (who has worked alongside acts such as Def Leppard, U2 and Depeche Mode amongst many others) saw the talent in this young band and co-produced the first tracks with frontman Ryan Burnett and mixing maestro Matt Hyde for the record over a few weeks. The Crave combine all the fantastic songwriting elements, infectious melodies, superb harmonies and huge choruses of their peers, but make it sound both thrilling and vibrant in a thoroughly modern style.

Band 4

Band: Park Layne
EP to check out: Park Layne

Park Layne isn’t afraid of blending old sounds with new…And, does so with flavor and skill from dominating rock influences such as: Alice in Chains, Sound Garden, Pearl Jam, Godsmack, Hendrix, The Doors, Pink Floyd and other rock icons…

Formed in 2007, Park Layne has already had the opportunity to share the stage with some of the Central Valley’s most talented musician’s. Park Layne recently co-produced, recorded, and released their self-titled E.P. “Park Layne” with Peter Wolf of Wolfsound Audio Engineering featuring the songs “Down”, “Call Me Addiction”, “Fallen”, and “Wishon”.

Band 5

Band: Something to Burn
Album to check out: Transitions
Website / MySpace

SOMETHING TO BURN has been a very busy band lately…they shared the stage with such bands as STP, BRMC, MERRIWETHER, LOADED and SMILE EMPTY SOUL; wrote and recorded a killer rock record, “TRANSITIONS” (released September 15th, 2009); played for sold out stadiums in Asia; and consistently fill the Hollywood clubs. These guys cannot be stopped….not just because of their love for music or the strength of their songs and live show, but because the passion of the fans they’ve made and continue to make everywhere they play. The songs that the guys write seem to strike a universal chord that grabs hold of people of all ages and genres & never lets go. The public has spoken and each time new music fans are exposed to this band, they all scream the same thing….GIVE ME SOMETHING TO BURN! Stay tuned friends! Their record, “Transitions,” is out now and they’ll be hitting the road with Stone Temple Pilots in Spring 2010.

Please note all of our bios are written by the band or by a source close to the band. They come from either their official website, MySpace,, ReverbNation etc, so that we can give you the most accurate information on the band.


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