Music Monday Recommendations – 18th January 2009

Here are this week’s recommendations for you, hope you may find something you enjoy!

Band 1

Band: Denial Machine
Album to check out: Denial Machine
Website / MySpace

Denial Machine formed in February of 2009 by founding members Eamon Skube, Mark Anderson, Jaycen Angone and Mark Cichra. Brad Heilman was recruited to handle the bass duties in October of 2009. After its inception in early 2009, the band began immediately writing and doing pre-productiocomn for a fiull length album. In May of 2008 they entered Belle City Sound Studio in Racine, WI with Producer Chris Djuricic (November’s Doom, Dirge Within). Bass tracks were handled in studio by the legendary Chicago session player “Sweetiebuns”.

In July of the same year a 2 song demo emerged. “This Burden (Tortured)” and “Worms of the Earth” were made available via the bands website for a free download. In August Denial Machine made its live debut at Pearl Room in Mokena, IL opening for the band Otep (Victory Records)

Their debut album was released in December digitally and on physical CD this month.

Band 2

Band: Core
Album to check out: Perfect Summer
Website / MySpace

To reach the 20th anniversary of being in a band together is quite a challenge (which for CORE’s members was the case in 2008), but still moving forward musically is another thing! Chris, Harry and Sascha started making music together as school kids, experimented with different band-outfits and had their first–minor–commercial release in 1993 as a five-piece. Then the guys landed the first major signing in 1996 (BMG). This meant the first career-high. The four-piece called Paradise Now! opened for U2 and The Rolling Stones, entered the album sales charts in Austria and toured Europe.

5 years and 2 records later Paradise Now! came to a hold. Following artistic differences Chris, Harry and Sascha split from singer Markus. Chris took over the vocals. In 2001 CORE emerged as the core trio of all bands mentioned above and of the foregoing 13 years. In 2002 CORE was signed (by French XIII Bis Records) and the debut “AWAY” was released. The album was a well-defined nu rock record gained great reviews on an international basis, the track “THE ANGLE” became a hit for the gamers’ community as it was featured on the videogame “Smackdown vs. Raw”.

2008 came, the 20th anniversary for the collaboration of Chris, Harry and Sascha. Again, the band came up with an artistic concept for the next album proving that the only constant for the three members stayed movement. CORE incorporates surprising pop elements in its cosmos. “SENTIMENTAL DICO”, CORE’s fourth longplayer, is released in 2009. Also the live show concept leads into a new direction and brings revue elements onstage, leaving the classic rock show setup behind.

Band 3

Band: Lust
Album to check out: Prison of Life
Website / MySpace

Lust are an unsigned hard rock band from California. The band released their third album in 2009 titled Prison of Life. (believe to be third album, the band has little information about themselves online)

Band 4

Band: Like A Storm
Album to check out: The End of the Beginning
Website / MySpace

On their debut album The End Of The Beginning, Like A Storm stir up a torrent of infectious hard rock. The Vancouver-based quartet’s first full-length is an avalanche of captivating choruses and hard-hitting grooves, as exemplified by the first radio single “Chemical Infatuation.” Electronic textures and string flourishes cascade into a wall of distortion as vocal melodies hypnotize. Brothers Chris (Vocals/Guitar/Programming/ Didgeridoo), Matt (Vocals/Guitar/Programming) and Kent Brooks (Bass/Vocals/ Programming) conjure a dynamic rock sound that’s simultaneously ethereal and edgy.

Band 5

Band: Taking Dawn
Album to check out: Time to Burn (upcoming release)
Website / MySpace

The members of Taking Dawn grew up surrounded by the glitz and glam, the bright lights and big city of constant vice. This LasVegas upbringing helped shaped the band into what it is today: a rock ‘n roll timebomb just waiting to explode on an unsuspecting public with its Roadrunner debut, Time to Burn.


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