Music Monday Recommendations – 1st February 2010

I was late with recommendations last week as I wasn’t here in the evening so this week I am making sure the recommendations are here with you and ready to go.

Enjoy this week’s recommendations

Band 1

Band: Throw The Fight
Album to check out: In Pursuit of Tomorrow

Throw The Fight is an aggressively driven, five-piece rock band hailing from Minneapolis, MN. Always trying to define their identity in the “it’s already been done” world of music, the members of Throw The Fight are holding their heads high and are forging a name for themselves all across the country.

By touring and playing countless shows, TTF have managed to connect to audiences on a more personal level and build a solid fan base throughout the U.S. – all the while selling over 5,000 copies of their first self-recorded e.p.

The group was voted as one of the top ten unsigned bands to keep an eye on in 2006 by Alternative Press magazine. In July, the band charted as the number 1 unsigned band on

Band 2

Band: Echovalve
Album to check out: helloagaingoodbye
Website / MySpace

Echovalve is the epitome of emotion, creativity, and raw energy. A group of guys hell bent on not following a pattern or formula, they pour their lives out in their blend of in your face rock music. The diversity of sound they encompass is a direct reflection of each individual’s very different musical background and their respective influences. Not every band’s history includes homelessness, living on the streets and drug problems so severe that one band member was declared clinically dead following an overdose (yes, Nikki Sixx, you’re not the only one.) But while these problems would usually spell the end of a band, Echovalve used their past as fuel, a source of musical inspiration, to rise like that mythical phoenix from the ashes of their own self-destruction, now brimming with fire and passion and ready to unleash the monstrous beast of their music onto the world.

Band 3

Band: Fixer
Album to check out: Before the Sun
Website / MySpace

Fixer is a young band with a skanky old soul, a band wise enough to respect the past, but with a firm hold on what’s happening right now, on the precipice of cool.

The band’s Riker Hill Records debut, Before the Sun, reflects that multidimensional attitude. For Fixer it’s all or nothing. There’s no safety net, no back-up plan, no alternative. Fixer has its sights set on a life in rock; they’re ready to hit the road hard, sleep in the van, bring down the house, and party with their fans. And for Fixer, there is no alternative.

Band 4

Band: Joan Red
Album to check out: Side Effects Of You

Formed in late 2006, the band wrote and recorded it’s first EP “Spread The Red” at Paul Ebersold’s 747 studios in 2007 and began playing local venues and building a buzz.  In September 2008, they completed their first, full length album and achieved notable regional success as well as radio airplay in markets from Missouri to Mississippi.  With 40,000 Myspace friends and over a million plays, Joan Red is currently one of the most sought after live acts in the Memphis area and boasts an impressive touring schedule with performances booked through March ’09.

Genres colliding,  Joan Red has manipulated modern songwriting in the Rock/Alternative/Power Rock formats to feed their ‘rock hungry’ audience with limitless hooks and choruses.  Often described as “Disturbed” meets “The Killers” , they have shared the stage with national touring acts that include 3 Days Grace, Seether, One Less Reason, Taproot, Egypt Central, Saving Abel, Staind and Trust Co.

Band 5

Band: The Becoming
Album to check out: The Becoming – Vol. 1

There are bands that slave away year after year, song after song, pouring their hearts into their songs, and their gas tanks, as they criss cross the country waiting for someone to care. Then there are bands that suddenly appear, fully formed and ready to remind us why we love rock and roll. As if crafted in another world and delivered to rescue us from our hyphenated-rock-doldrums, The Becoming has landed and it’s time for you to remember what gave you chills the first time you heard really great music. Possibly the perfect blend of melody, mood and mystique, The Becoming are here and we will all soon realize what good news that is.

Note: All bios are taken from a source directly to the band in order to give you the most accurate information about the band.


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